**POLL CLOSED** - INDEX Merch @MetaFactory

Hi fellow owls,

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the sentiment check. The outcome was very positive and therefore we’d like to take the next step towards making Index Merch a reality.

We have received some feedback and discussed which items work best to start this off. Essentially, we have narrowed down the selection to hoodies and shirts in a simple black and white look.

Here is the booklet with a selection of 8 items:
apparel_booklet_lowres.pdf (1.6 MB)

To definitely choose which item the community wants to have, please head over to this poll to tell us what your preference is. The poll only contains two questions: What is your first and what is your second preference.

Please bear in mind that we just want to find the first (and potentially the second) item we want to produce. This does not exclude any other swag to be produced in the future (e.g. Socks).

POLL for Budget Request (added 18th May 2021)

Great to see excitement for the merch! The prototype was produced and is shipped to @Kiba for feedback. As soon as we’re good to go, we can start the ordering process. For that to happen, we’d like to request a budget from the treasury.
For what?
The budget will only be used to purchase one hoodie for each community contributor as per the reward list from April 2021 (not including bounties).
How much?
We estimate that we’ll need ~70 hoodies (45 owls, 10 for Set, 10 for DFP, 1 for Mason, and 4 for CoinShares). For the community sale we use a hoodie price of 100$. Hence, we request 7000$ from the treasury to purchase Index hoodies (~4% of April rewards budget). Unused funds will go back to treasury.

  • Yes, let’s use 7000$ to equip the community
  • No, we should not use the treasury for this

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What if I’m not on the list?
For people not on the contributor list, we’ll have another 50 hoodies for self-purchase in the MF shop, after the internal sale is complete. The price will be ~150$ in the shop.
What if the sentiment is negative?
In case the community does not want to provide the budget, we can put the hoodies on the MF shop for self-purchase.

By the way, with the purchase of merch via MetaFactory, the Coop is eligible to claim $ROBOT tokens, so is the designer. I propose that we leave the split like this, so that both the Coop and @beansontoast will get some $ROBOT tokens.


Gang! Voted and excited

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Voted my faves. All Black!


Thank you everybody for voting!

It looks really tight so far, as all items are getting votes.

We’ll leave the poll open for another 3-4 days for more people to vote.


Is there any significance to the number of owls in the grid?

This is sick! Thanks for setting up!

Would love to do a design competition in the future to leverage our community to support.

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The future is now, do we have to wait? I could use a new wardrobe

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You’re right. Let’s do this. Awesome to see people are excited!
Poll is closed. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated. We had 33 answers, amazing!

And we have a clear winner… drumroll

The hoodie got the most votes, closely followed by the shirt with the same design.

Results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcolb5KvOTMKn1L0yJrbGmRZnympY4h9NNF8xnGrJGtQDULA/viewform?usp=sf_link

I suppose it’s now also a question of pricing for which we’ll do, as the difference was just 2 votes. I will now check with MetaFactory to agree on next steps and get back with an update asap.


This t-shirt in the white wasn’t chosen, heart broken :sob: I guess I will have to join the dark side :vampire:t5:


RIP, beautiful white tee. You were so cool


RT on the white. It’s hotter than hell where I live, black tshirts are a no go down here most of the year. Oh well, dark side had the cookies I guess

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gotta ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is merch still being worked on? That Coop hoodie :fire:


Hey @Lavi it would be super dope to have these in time for the Miami BTC conference (June 4). Any idea if we could get these ordered in time?

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Excited with this! :fire:

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Hey guys, yes definitely, the prototype is being shipped as we speak. To speed things up, MF did send it to @Kiba, domestic is a bit faster than international. As soon as we get the feedback from Kiba, we can continue with the ordering process.
In the meantime, I added a poll to the post above to request the budget for this! Please provide your vote, thanks.

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Voted. Can we get some extras to potentially use in a social media competition?

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Good question, I would expect that there will be some hoodies left and not all 70 go out, so we could use these.
On the other hand, if there is a working group (e.g. BD or growth) that wants some hoodies for marketing activities, please let me know, we can reserve some hoodies for that purpose. The definite order number has not been placed yet, but I suppose MF would like to know that in advance.

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Hey Simon,
Just got feedback from MF that making it in time for BTC Miami might be unrealistic, even if we order them this week, the production and delivery will take at least 12-14 days (and we need to collect people’s addresses first). But I hope they be ready for our DeFi Summer Series :wink:

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