Mel.eth - OOO/Contact Info

Planned time OOO:
[updated 2021-12-19]: I will have some reduced availability from 21 December 2021 through the end of the year to spend time with family :snowman: - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! . . . Hoot! :owl:

Basic info:
Forum: Profile - mel.eth - The Index Coop
Discord: mel.eth#0001
Twitter: @emjicy
email: [email protected]

Current Roles:
Index Council
(backups: @Metfanmike @Cavalier_Eth @Pepperoni_Joe @LemonadeAlpha @Matthew_Graham @jdcook )
Co-lead: GovOps WG
(backups: @Lavi @sixtykeys)

My COID can be found here.

Snapshot delegation address:
mel.eth ( 0xd7e7bca98ab9fb25e17ad73429e89a40b55708be ) Please delegate here with further instructions available here. My voting history can be found here. Open to new delegation and discussion of same.