Mel.eth - Conflict of Interest Disclosure

I am not aware of any relationship or investment that places my motivations at odds with Index Coop’s Guiding Principles, Code of Conduct, or sustainability. I have posted my active wallet addresses here, permissioned to those with an Index Coop email address and available by request otherwise (mel.eth#0001).

I am committed to Index Coop and if any Owl believes a conflict to exist or that I am not acting in the best interest of the organization I would encourage: a note posted below, a message in discord (mel.eth#0001) to discuss, or notifying IC leadership (can be found in the ‘DM to learn more’ section of the WGs listed here).

If more robust COID guidance appears as a result of ongoing conversations I will update this post. If there is anything left unsaid here that should be made explicit please let me know.