New month, new initiative

I have set up a meetup group in Taipei. It was approved a few hours ago.

The link to this group is

This group meets for the first time on November 04, 2021, at 7 pm TST, which is 11 am UTC.
Due to restricted measurements in Taipei, the first meetings will be only online. However, even we meet in person, an online link will be established as well.

The goal of this group is to educate the general public including student groups and to attract talents to Index Coop.

  1. I want to give this group more “credibility” by displaying a “sponsor” on the banner. Who do I ask in Index Coop for that?
  2. I want to give this group more initial attention, by asking many people to signup. It is free, and signup does not mean you need to join. I would appreciate if some people here could follow the link and sign up. IF you see a crowd lining up at a shop, you will look closer, … that effect I want.
  3. I would like to add a channel to our discord server: Meetup Taipei
    Who do I ask for that? Taipei is in Taiwan, APAC - however, a Meetup is an event as well. Where should we put this channel?
  4. I am using Zoom for the first meeting (40 min only, server location is in China), but want to switch to a Discord voice channel
  5. I am planning to give out POAPs for each meeting, distributed via Discord DMs. That makes sure I will keep “talents” in the group.

Please support me with this project.


Good initiative Ronald. I suggest involving our Talent scout @Louisaraj and lead @pujimak_in to help you in removing the roadblocks etc.


Great initiative. Perhaps we can take this discussion to discord and see how we can support you. Have dropped you a DM.


We are hours away from this first event. So far 9 people have signed up and a few still figure out how to signup.
I created a notion board and update it with information about today’s meeting and the follow-up meetings.

I will add a list of subjects, we will discuss in the next meetings and choose the one for our next meeting.

Meetup needs a location, so I choose Taipei since I live here. However, the first meetings will be online, so it does not really matter where the visitors are from. Even when we will meet in person, we will have a presence online as well.

The first meeting had been a partial success. I got 21 people signing up, but only 7 showed up. However, 8 tried to come exactly one hour later. That might be the result of daylight changes in some areas. This shows, that I got certainly from other than Taipei participants.
One of the participants is from Thailand and he is programming smart contracts. He was very interested to join Index Coop. We will follow up. @Louisaraj guided him to our discord channels.

The group decided to meet bi-weekly at 7 pm
We used Zoom, but it’s limited to 30 minutes only. We will therefore switch to Google Meeting.
I created a Notion page and gave out the link for the page, so they can re-read. It also includes a few external links.

Because of the bi-weekly meeting schedule, I consider repeating the meeting for these 8 latecomers before our regular meeting in 2 weeks on Google Meeting. I will post in #apac-public.

A POAP will be provided for participants and given out in the following meeting. (Hint: come again!)

A special thank goes to @Louisaraj for supporting me in the group, especially to breaking the ice between participants.

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