ONBOARDING 2.0 (Request for feedback )

To clarify, by schema, you mean creating an onboarding framework/resource for all WG’s to follow right?

I’m also really keen on this part of the proposal. I’ll go ahead & volunteer myself to fill this talent scout role for the growth working group (cc: @MrMadila) as well as a liaison b/t GWG & PoC/ToC as needed. I’ve got a keen interest in the community building aspects of DAOing & how it can be synergistic to growing our products.


You’re a deadset legend. Can we float the idea of hosting an informal fortnightly tea-time call for growth? Ideally, the talent scout will have a small budget/Collab.land bot access to tip copper owl contributions


Joined Index Coop Discord channels a couple of weeks ago and massively support this. As a new joiner who is fresh to contributing to the world of DAOs, 2 things especially stood out:

  1. Having a clear community onboarding process
  2. Having an forum (in the form of introductory call to share questions/concerns)

In addition to those advised in this post, I would also propose enhancing the orientation information content. Currently, this requires users to review video/slides/readings and content is geared towards learning more about Index Coop’s guiding principles and products (which should remain), but i feel a single document/page illustrating a) org model and how it differs b) contribution activity (e.g, enablement through working groups and contributor badges) would be helpful, as these are notably different to how other traditional and even crypto ecosytems operate. This information is already available in posts/slides, but having this made available in a single written document/page keeps the process streamlined and information focussed. Happy to help on this too.


This is really helping as a new joiner and easy to understand

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@zareefz , this is really amazing feedback, agree with your additional enhancement proposal. Would you be open to dropping your suggestions in the #:footprints:toc-public channel and then we can flesh some of these ideas into the Notion projects we have.

Specifically interested in the documentation idea. I know this needs to be visual, and I’m sure we could involve Design in the process. Can you let us know if you have any ideas to further flesh out the following:

a) org model and how it differs
b) contribution activity (e.g, enablement through working groups and contributor badges) would be helpful, as these are notably different to how other traditional and even crypto ecosytems operate.

@bradwmorris this was an excellent post!

I feel like you hit the nail on the head. One item I’d like to throw in for discussion is a small fund for educational onboarding.


We only get a certain duration to hook someone’s attention. What’s exciting is feeling like you’re a member and learning how you can help. The by-product is tokens.

Learning and spreading the message (even if it’s just good words) about Index Coop is worth a small number of tokens (talking outside of impression mining).

So why not turn the Bronze Owl into a Learn and Earn program, similar to Coinbase? We’d just need to calculate the CAC of a quality team member and have some portion allocated based on our projected scale.

Then that is held in escrow until someone completes a stage-gate of the quest. Seeing INDEX in my wallet (even if it’s only a few bucks) is a nice reminder early on to keep helping; almost like advertising.

Couple that with a mentor (@lee0007 has been awesome, helping me navigate these past few weeks) who can steer you in the right direction, we’ll be growing and retaining like mad.

Just a few thoughts. Keep it up!


I really like the idea of having a talent scout in the bronze owl quest to help process and filter talent, almost acting like a hiring manager or HR manager in a trad company would. In my experience it feels like all newcomers effectively start as interns irrespective of their prior experience and have to find their own way. This can be a great filter as progression becomes based on initiative and enthusiasm. The downside is that initiative and enthusiasm isn’t always correlated to a skillset and competence. For example, there may be a case where someone has 20 years experience in their field, but zero in a DAO. A candidate like this might need further support could benefit potential acceleration through the onboarding process (as well through the ranks of the respective WG if appropriate.) Having someone senior in a WG who can review backgrounds and skills will be critical not only in retaining talent, but allowing it to flow to where it is most needed.


Hi, sorry for the slow reply.

Great suggestions - you’ll be happy to know we have L2E and web3 wallet connect on the onboarding roadmap.

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hey @bradwmorris, I would love to circle back here. I am really impressed by your feedback and ideas. I completely agree and think that improvements to help new joiners navigate Index Coop.

I am going through on my onboarding right now and fully relate to the “flood of information” you mentioned. I do think that onboarding to any company, DAO, or community can be challenging and patience is always key. That being said, I think you hit the nail on the head by suggesting new joiners start out with smaller bounties. That way, there are some “quick wins” and low-hanging fruit opportunities for new joiners to quickly contribute. I looked at the Job/Bounty board and noticed most projects are heavier lifts with longer timelines. Have we considered smaller projects that would be useful for the community? Would love to collaborate here and start brainstorming.

Another point that stuck out to me in this forum was @alerex 's emphasis on onboarding mentors. During my first week in the Coop, @TheYoungCrews and @0xMitz were kind enough to have intro 1-1s with me. Shout out to those 2, as the meetings really impactful, welcoming, and exciting for me. I think it would be awesome to try to scale out those types of engagements - a structured, onboarding buddy process where people could sign up to be mentors and new joiners could opt in to be matched with one. Let me know if this project is in the works; I’d love to collaborate.


thanks for the suggestions. We have talked about onboarding mentors several times but I think we should refresh that conversation about how to execute that. Thanks for the feedback!

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