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Hello Coopers,

After translating a couple of articles to Portuguese, I needed to find a place to publish them since I don’t have my own blog (and creating one just to publish this one article defeats the whole purpose).

So I started to look for Portuguese “crypto-influencers” that might be interested in publishing my translated post on their blogs. The biggest influencer, that runs the biggest Portuguese crypto community, replied with long-term partnership counter-offer.

Let me introduce you to the community, their current reach, and their offer.

Hard Fork Cafe
Hard Fork Cafe is a podcast and a community that talks about everything cryptocurrency and, most recently, DeFi related.

As seen in the table below, they have a bunch of different communities, blogs, and social networks to disseminate our message.

Here is the translated counter-offer:

HardFork usually partners in longer terms (3-6) months for promoting content in our channels and websites. Partnership is 800 euros p/month, and decreases as the partnership duration increases.

Some partners prefer to do a one-time promotion of content/news, this will cost 300 euro for each promotion.

My 2c
I think these type of long term partnerships are something that we should definitely do in some shape or form. Being the Portuguese market very small, this might be a cost-effective opportunity for us to test out how we model content partnerships in the future.
Regarding the costs, I think these values are too high compared to our impression mining rewards. I propose we do a counter offer or do a single trial run to figure out how much engagement we get per $ spent.

If this sounds completely useless, I suggest we use this thread to figure out how we can start to do long term content partnerships.

The Vote

  • Let’s work on this partnership
  • This partnership doesn’t make sense but we should explore this concept anyway
  • Do nothing

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Great to see this. I know there are connections for English content and maybe we could dive into how these were costed and reviewed, I think ROI is key. @LemonadeAlpha can you point us to any resources?

For me, @DefiJesus , can you expand on their audience, were you already a follower, do they have reach across Brazil as well as Portugal, do the follows seem a good fit for any of the Coop’s products?

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It is crazy expensive !
$300 for a post for an account with only 412 followers on Twitter ?

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I wasn’t a follower, but I don’t follow anything crypto related. Their reach is mostly Portugal although there might be some overlap with Brazil.
After watching a couple of their shows and reading thru their groups, I think there is a quite a nice fit community-wise. The followers are crypto enthusiasts that are very interested in learning about DeFi, making our index products the perfect way to start dipping their toes into the DeFi ocean.

I do agree it is expensive, this is only feasible if the prices are reduced. Their community is quite fragmented as you can see on the table above, but I think the $300 gets the post promoted across all their channels. One of their Facebook groups has 11k users, and it’s the biggest one in Portugal. Their livestreams average around 1.5k viewers.

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Hey @DefiJesus thank you for surfacing this and I want to applaud your focus on distribution!

FYI we have a running CRM for sponsorship opportunities and have prioritized and been exploring a few already. I don’t think this opportunity will meet the pricing threshold that we like to be below, but they are always free to participate in impression mining.

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