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Happy 1st Birthday DPI!!!

Today we had an excellent Masterclass by @Mringz on Facilitating Partnerships and Integrations in DeFi that was recorded and is well worth a watch. The People, Organization and Community WG meeting closed out the day. A reminder that the Institutional Business WG meeting is canceled leaving us with just the Leadership Forum on Wednesday. We’ll then pick it up again on Thursday with a Conversation with the Coop, the Future of Finance Part 2, and the Growth WG meeting.

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Context Corner:

Masterclass: Facilitating Partnerships and Integrations in DeFi by @Mringz (20 attendees) slides
After a brief intro @Mringz gave an in-depth overview of the DeFi financial system with an eye toward what’s ‘under the hood’; knowing how protocols work is a great first step in ideating and providing partnership solutions. Asking questions like, ‘What’s the business model?’ and ‘What drives value?’ helps to identify areas of mutual benefit. Some value-drivers are additive in that they increase demand as they are realized, such as increased collateral availability on Aave attracting more borrowing demand.

@oneski22 took us through the skills that are helpful to building partnerships, starting with the basics and moving on to tooling, product specifics, and ecosystem interactions. Understanding scaling solutions is also important, including bridges and security trade-offs, as that’s where ‘things are currently headed’.

@BigSky7 brought it full-circle by walking through the interpersonal skills that make for successful relationships: “Learning pain-points and providing solutions.” With a protocol like Yearn there are over 20 protocols under the hood but it’s still driven by human relationships. BD have found relationships as foundational to driving adoption, effectively challenging the efficient market hypothesis, as many people need more education and context to start understanding and building on our systems. Rather than paraphrase I dropped an excellent summary slide below!

People, Organization & Community WG (12 attendees)
We ran through a review of the upcoming workshops with @Pepperoni_Joe highlighting areas where there was overlap or a need for more context in areas, essentially iterating on lessons learned from the first few. @iluscavia made an excellent point noting that just because there may be some precedent relating to the topics under discussion, there is no reason to stop short of iterating on improvement where possible.

Discussion turned briefly to the Methodologist’s role, the intention behind the role, and the challenges to date. As well as some discussion of the culture, purpose, and vision side of things and how @nic will be getting more involved in that regard. We rounded out the meeting by running through some of the actionable outcomes from the first Finance of the Future Workshop and touched on compensation, including: the need by some contributors to sell upon receipt, vesting as an alignment mechanism, and transparency around the process.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1800 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - New Joiner [APAC]
1500 - Conversations with the Coop - Alex W from IDEX (think CEX throughput, DEX security)
1700 - Future of Finance Part 2
1900 - Growth WG Meeting
OOO: @puniaviision thru 9/17

Daily DAOwlpha: “My goal going into every call is for the other party to leave the call so excited that they are practically ready to join Index Coop.” - @BigSky7

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