Reward Retention Rate Poll

Authors: @MrMadila, @Matthew_Graham & @Lavi

Review: @verto0912, @DarkForestCapital


With the recent publication of the treasury report, a new level of transparency was achieved within the Index Coop. As pointed out in the treasury goals post, we’d like to use this information to review where we stand and highlight some points for improvement.

Reward Retention Rate

Recent analysis has identified that around 40% of all INDEX contributor rewards are sold on market not long after being received. The retention rate is indicative that perhaps rewarding contributors in INDEX tokens is not ideal for some members.

We believe there is an opportunity to offer contributor rewards in a way that better suits the contributor and by extension the community.


The goal is to ultimately distribute community rewards in a way that better suits recipients.

In doing this, we would first like to gauge community feedback via the survey below, and find out why INDEX rewards are being sold off. Based on the feedback, we will consider presenting a proposal enabling IC to reward contributors in a range of different payment options.

After the Org call last week, we agreed the best way forward is to conduct a survey to learn how contributors utilize their rewards.


If you have received any rewards in INDEX, kindly participate in the survey laid out below. The survey is anonymous! The data will be kept internally and we do not intend to publish any of the results outside the forum or Discord.


Great work @Lavi @MrMadila @Matthew_Graham

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10+ Responses so far! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to fill it out :sunglasses:

Looks of useful information already!


FYI survey will close at the end of the day tomorrow (Tues)

Thanks again for all the responses so far!