Shared Calendar & Community Member List

Hi Owls,

Whilst the Coop continues to push the boundaries of what we can do with technology and finance - Elliott and I are the visionaries driving forward the creation of an Index Coop shared calendar. :fire: :nerd_face: (edit: British sarcasm!)

Benefits of using a shared calendar

  • Provide full visibility of our weekly meeting schedule to the community
  • Saves time as fewer ad hoc requests to be added to different meetings are required.
  • Lower risk you miss the invite for that Growth meeting you were so looking forward to (example!)

In summary, introduction of a Shared Calendar is a simple change that would make all of our lives easier.

Below I’ve listed the regular sessions which I believe are important to give the community full visibility (and thus, should be in the shared Calendar).

Whether they are currently in our shared calendar is denoted by the tick or cross.

Weekly Planning Meeting - @gregdocter / @puniaviision - :x:
Weekly Product Meeting - @puniaviision / @overanalyser - :white_check_mark:
New Investor & Contributor call - @Pepperoni_Joe - :white_check_mark:
Business Development :handshake::moneybag: - @BigSky7 -:white_check_mark:
Organization - @MrMadila - :white_check_mark:
Growth meeting (bi-weekly) - @LemonadeAlpha - :white_check_mark:
Creative Design - @DevOnDeFi - :white_check_mark:

But how do I move my event to the shared calendar
Below I have outlined the simple steps needed to move your event over to the shared calendar.

Step 1
Check you can see the Index Shared Calendar in the right side of your google calendar. If you can’t, let me know.


Step 2
Select the event you would like to transfer to the shared calendar and select the edit pencil…

Step 3
Scroll down to where it says your name, click and change to "Index Coop shared Calendar.

Step 4
Save the event. You’ve now added your first event to the shared calendar!

Step 5 - setting up new events in future
You follow exactly the same process to create new events (say a community brainstorming session) which you want to publish to the shared calendar.

Community Member List…
@jdcook - you won’t be able to see the shared calendar as I don’t have your email…

…which is a perfect segue into… the Community Member List.

ALL - please complete this form to update us with your contact information (email, discord, WG, timezone, LinkedIn).

Having a central repository for this information will save the endless questions on “what is your email address” and “what is your timezone”. It also means you can follow your fellow owls via social media (if you are so inclined).

Reminder, this request does not have to impact your pseudonymity as the only “mandatory” question is for your email address. The information you provide will only be shared with Bronze Owls and above (not made publically accessible).

As every, let me know if you have any questions!


@Pepperoni_Joe thanks for putting this together and making it obvious!

@puniaviision looks like you own Index Coop Weekly Planning event

Nice one! Good to get it done.

Re the form to fill in, I get a Guru Mediation, something which I have not seen in a very long time, and interesting to get from Google.

UPDATE: all good now. They have some spare connections.