Survey Request for DAO Connections

Authors: @funkmasterflex, @JMoss

Reviewed by: @miza


The DAO Treasury Relations Team, led by Marc (@Miza) and Luke (@bax86), is moving forward very quickly. We have had major progress since the creation of this group within BD. To learn more and get the full perspective of the DAO Treasury Relations progress, Please see our notion board for a more comprehensive list of the group’s progress.


Our next major project has been building out a robust database of research on as many DAOs as possible. The Database is designed to provide usable updates and information about ongoing conversations around the Treasury sales and negotiations. The database has links to forum conversations and discord conversations around Treasury Relations and Diversification of different DAOs and Projects.

Recently, we’ve realised the importance of following up with conversations around DAO treasuries and also the importance of knowing exactly what human resource we have at Index Coop to help facilitate conversations that would benefit the entire Coop in the long-run.

We have set up a survey form here: DAO Treasury Connections to gather data around IC members with connections in different/multiple DAOs. We will approve communication with you prior to any outreach with a specific DAO. The purpose of this form is to get a baseline understanding of our connections within the larger ecosystem.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to @funkmasterflex or @JMoss.