The Owlbserver : distilled insights on Index competitors - 2022.01.13 Thursday

Dear owls,

It’s been a while :slight_smile:

But as one of my idols, one of the greatest philosophers of the last 60 years (at least when it comes down to express opinions on a Stratocaster) states before each show : “it’s great to be here, it’s great to be anywhere !” :guitar:

So, having recently made a one-way step into Web 3 & DeFi, I thought I’d put some time and resources I’ve been using to research new projects for the Robot Index to good use. And here we are, looking for interesting insights (products / incentives / trends) to distill from the world of decentralized asset management.

Definitely looking forward to reading your feedback on this piece tentatively named “The Owlbserver” : is it useful, if yes how often do we need it (I’m currently assuming a weekly basis is enough), under which format (also planning to update a slide or 2 in the PWG call deck), with a better name etc. etc.

So, with no further delay, here are some interesting bits that I’ve found so far this week : not an unbelievable deal, but enough to try and get into a kind of routine.

Galleon DAO, self describing as a “Guild of Index Methodologists”, launches with the aim to “create and incentivise structured products on scalable EVM networks”. The DAO seems to plan the launch of products & a governance token on Arbitrum as well as on Optimism following the recent Set launch on this L2. Besides that, Galleon will own and govern “a distribution channel that promotes ecosystem TVL and revenue growth” (namely what has been presented so far as Setswap).

SW DAO will deploy their SW Alpha Portfolio (49.5 k$) as well as SW Yield Fund to Polygon via Set today.

→ The Cook Finance community is currently voting on a proposal to make their Avalanche Ecosystem Index (market cap around 85k$) intrinsically productive with yield bearing assets.

This is actually their smallest product, their strongest being a yield bearing stablecoin index with 2.3 m$ market cap. It leverages Yield Yak for a basic APY on USDC.e / USDT.e / DAI.e & MIM currently advertised at 11.9%.

And now, let’s get on with the show !


Galleon, Cook… what next? May we hear of Sparrow Finance? Hearty yields for pirates!

Great to get insights from the tools and methods you developed! Will be interesting and surely valuable to put them to work!