The Owlbserver : distilled insights on Index competitors - 2022.01.20 Thursday

Dear Owls,

Since the Keith Richards memes didn’t seem to have too much of a negative impact on last week’s post popularity, welcome to this second issue of the Owlbserver !


→ Talking about fellow pirates, Galleon DAO was making the headlines of my content engine earlier this week as Andrew from Set(helloOo @Tradespot :slight_smile: ) is exploring a collaboration with the Coop, “potentially acting as an experiment arm with mutual benefit”. They published their docs page and are planning to raise funds soon !

SynchronyFi originally minted IDO allocations as NFT’s, but they now use utility NFT’s with an interesting approach to develop their ecosystem and community : access to private channels or events, improved visibility are 2 examples.

→ According to a sponsored post by The Defiant, former Merril Lynch CFO Peter Olden has joined D-ETF (The Decentralized ETF, an ERC-20 based exchange-traded fund) as advisor … There is no evidence elsewhere to verify this information !

Cook Finance have unveiled their 2022 Roadmap including quite a lot of items : wallet-free (email) login, launch of community proposed indices, deployment on BSC and “other rapidly growing top L1 chains”, index creator program à la Set, pro version (whitelisted with AML/KYC) of the platform for institutions as well as DAO treasury management suite opening access to their yield-bearing indices.

→ And finally noting that Enzyme & Dystopia Labs are holding the E2 Summit (“Asset Management 3.0”) online on 24th & 25th January, with a free participation.

That’s it for now !
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You can now get on with the show :guitar: