The Owlbserver : distilled insights on Index competitors - 2022.02.25 Friday

Dear Owls,

Despite the turbulent times we live in I hope this week’s edition of the Owlbserver finds all members of the Index community safe and well.

You will find below this week’s findings, let’s keep rockin’ together !


Cook Finance have voted to launch 3 yield-bearing products on BNB Chain, all leveraging Venus Protocol or Alpaca Finance lending protocols :

  • A BNB-native yield-bearing stablecoin index.
  • A yield-bearing “megacap” index (BTC, ETH).
  • A suite of single token yield-bearing indices (BNB, USDC, USDT & BUSD) compounding interest across several platforms to stabilize APY and mitigate single protocol risk.

PieDAO are evaluating the launch of a Profile Picture Pie ($PFP), an NFT index under the form of a curated, closed investment fund of non-fractionalized NFT’s.

Enzyme Finance have detailed the remaining of their 2022 Roadmap following the launch of their latest version “Sulu”, and given some interesting insights into their future developments.

Besides further DeFi integrations and cheaper costs for investors as well as fund managers, these plans include :

  • A suite of tools for funds looking to evolve in a regulatory compliant environment (legal framework advisory service, KYC/AML, fiat onramp, tax reporting).
  • A DAO management dashboard.
  • A limitless asset universe with customizable price feeds.

dHedge also want to take opportunity of their next release, planned for the beginning of March, to provide DAO’s with a treasury management tool suite.

Domani Protocol( formerly DEXTF) are slowly transitioning towards a DAO architecture, starting with a private channel on their Discord only accessible for the holders of 100 $DEXTF tokens or more. Interestingly, they mention one of their motivations is to adapt their product offering with the creation of sponsored indices and funds.

And now, onto the WE …


Hi! Another new competitor - Nebula protocol built on Terra, yesterday they revealed their docs.


Thanks @Crop ! Got them on my list :wink:

I love this report! Do you have access to any kind of AUM numbers for competition? Sure, the numbers may be small compared to tradfi, but velocity is interesting when it comes to the marketplace.

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Hey @shawn16400, thanks for the positive feedback ! Yeah I follow the AUM change on a weekly and monthly basis partly via this DeFiLlama dashboard :

It’s only the visible part of the iceberg though, since for small protocols these data need to be collected manually. I’m in a discussion together with @DocHabanero to evaluate the most relevant / efficient way to keep track of this.