The Owlbserver : distilled insights on Index competitors - 2022.01.27 Thursday

Dear Owls,

Here is the week 4/2022 installment of the Owlbserver. Quite a lot to go through this week so let’s get into it !


DeHive Finance proposed the 1st crypto index (or “cluster” in their own terms) native to the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem during a dedicated hackathon.

They also announced their future expansion on Near / Aurora after having secured a grant from the Near Foundation.

Cook Finance are going to create 3 single asset diversified strategy yield bearing indices for USDC, USDT & AVAX to diversify allocation for each asset into several vaults.

Despite their small AUM, the project is pretty active since they recently launched a new yield-bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index and are currently voting to launch an Ethereum Ecosystem Index on Avalanche.

Genie Protocol was featured on the Nasdaq as well as the Forbes Italia websites to advertise their native multi-chain index vision (still to be executed). The protocol plans to start putting thematic indices of Ethereum- & BSC-native tokens on the market and also targets institutional investors.

Galleon DAO announced a strategic partnership with Beverage Finance to develop complex, leveraged structured products based on the Set Protocol infrastructure - and Optimism L2.

They also granted exclusive access to the private sale of their native token $DOUBLOON to SW DAO.

Enso Finance announced the extension of the liquidity migration (vampire attack) targeting Index Coop and 5 other asset management protocols, and shared a new timeline for their protocol mainnet deployement until 19th April 2022. They declared this unforeseen delay was necessary to optimize the protocol’s security (audit, bug bounties, testnet, mainnet beta).

Cryptex Finance, the protocol that created the Total Crypto Market Cap token $TCAP, have got their native token ($CTX) now listed on Coinbase.

I hope to extend the scope of this rubric to more in-depth analysis for the next issues, but if you have any comment or suggestion in the meantime, you know where to find me !