The Owlbserver : distilled insights on Index competitors - 2022.02.18 Friday

Dear owls,

This week’s dispatch is going to be a bit shorter than last week’s since I’ve been working on a sector analysis database as suggested by @shawn16400 & @Lucius (also including BlackRock & al. for completeness @JosephKnecht :wink:).

If you’d like to have early access, please drop me a DM with your email so I can share it with you. I’m experiencing with Clay for the 1st time to extract data from various platforms so it’s not perfectly integrated yet.

And now, let’s get comfy and continue the show ! :guitar:


Babylon Finance have updated their 2022 Roadmap with a public launch scheduled for 15th March, L2 support at the beginning of Q3 and deployement on Fantom as well as Avalanche at an undisclosed date. They also plan to support private token sales as well as NFT strategies.

Domani Finance (formerly DEXTF) have equally communicated an updated 2022 Roadmap with a deployement on Algorand testnet by the end of Q1, a launch on Polygon by the end of Q2 and on Zilliqa in Q3.

They also seem to be working on a DEX aggregator to facilitate the emission and redemption of their index funds tokens.

Cryptex Finance’s Total Crypto Market Cap Token $TCAP can now also be minted on Optimism.

PieDAO ’s Product Refinement Initiative continues with the proposed deprecation of their USD++ basket, a balanced pool of stablecoins adjusted in function of various risk factors such as volatility to peg, trust minimisation or market risk.

Nova Finance, a yet-to-be-released asset management protocol on Solana, have outlined a few automated strategies or indicators that they plan to make available for portfolio managers : DCA, Simple Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, “buy the dip” mode, number of token active addresses or transactions on-chain.

Cook Finance, as per their 2022 Roadmap, are voting to confirm the deployement of their protocol on BNB chain (previously Binance Smart Chain) on top of Avalanche & Ethereum.

Have a good WE !


Not sure if these folks are on your spreadsheet @Monportefeuille


Yes, I confirm they are :wink:


this lot did a talk at ethdenver & definitely seem to be a direct competitor going after the same marker with crypto indices. they didnt really seem to understand the challenges going to market but they are pre-product