The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.03 Tuesday

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APAC meeting early this morning, two WG meetings today from our fledgling WGs (Institutional Business and People/Organization/Community - so much for Tuesdays being light days here at Index Coop), and we’re a little late to press today due to the DATA Index Community call. Let’s dive in.

APAC (8 attendees)
@pujimak_in provides a weekly update thread for these meetings; info pulled from there as I was not in attendance. There was some discussion about setting up a notion board, how to best support and interface with other WGs, and how to get APAC new joiners contributing. There was some broader discussion around forming an APAC specific WG on the weekly call, so stay tuned!

IBWG (17 attendees)
The inaugural IB meeting did not disappoint as @Metfanmike and @fallow8 co-chaired a tour of:

  • where IB has been (BitGo Listing, DeFi Summer NYC, Bitcoin Miami);
  • where it’s at (Institutions Landing Page); and,
  • where it’s going (More: events, webinars, conferences, custodians, CEX listings, and hopefully market makers).

Great context was provided around: shortcomings of the existing DeFi UX impacting adoption, the current view of how institutions will understand and adopt digital assets, and the “DPI first” approach to getting institutions up to speed on ICs product suite. The two core pillars of IBWGs strategy will be Infrastructure and Education/Awareness. The slide deck for this meeting was robust, with slide nos. 14 and 15 highlighting how to get involved and key resources; if you think you’d like to contribute to this WG I highly recommend taking a look. Additionally the proposal for discussion re Wintermute providing Market Making Services is still live with feedback ongoing.

POCWG (14 attendees)
POCWG are using notion in lieu of a slide deck for meeting agendas. Currently looking into making the notion board publicly viewable to keep a consistent level of transparency with other WGs.

The second meeting of the POCWG featured @afromac at in the chair, as @Pepperoni_Joe was unable to attend and chose to go with the standard legacy finance excuse: food poisoning (kidding Joe, we’re all wishing you a speedy recovery). It’s become clear that a masterclass on notion would be highly beneficial to the contributors of this WG, so please reach out if you’re a notion wizard and would like to help out there. Top priority this week is firming up the curriculum for the Internship Program.


  • New Joiner Call is shifting focus to contributors with the more investor-focused piece being spun-off into a roughly 30-minute video that can be viewed ahead of the call.
  • Forum post on the internship buddy and masterclass initiatives.
  • Sessions re how to contribute for internship applicants that were not selected will be created and run by @Pepperoni_Joe and @JMTNFT
  • @oneski22 is going to help get a few POC contributors up to speed on how to use a multisig - this may be opened up to other contributors that will likely need to learn this skill.

DATA Community Call ( 27 attendees)
While the DATA community call included a healthy discussion about incremental rewards for methodologists in general, there was no objection on the call to the methodology as it stands. From an indexing perspective, the sector is untapped, and uncaptured even in part by other IC products. The call was recorded, a forum post will be generated and the recording made available. It was clear on the call that @Thomas_Hepner and @Kiba are deeply committed to making this product a success and improving this DAO; thanks for hosting the call and working so closely with the community and partners.

Active: Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC / runtime 1-hour unless noted)
BDWG (1600)
Org (1800)
EWG (2000)

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- @mel.eth

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Your turnaround is insane @mel.eth - this is great stuff. Keep up the good work


Just want to voice how awesome this is. There’s so much going on in the Coop it’s hard to keep up. The sCoop is an efficient way to stay up to date. Hope it keeps coming.


@mel.eth is omnipresent (and possibly omniscient). This is fantastic context.


The “Daily Owls/Hoot” (I prefer calling this though. Lol) does it again. Hehehe. Always looking forward to this as my morning routine. Cause most meeting happens in the wee hours of the morning for me. Lol. APAC timezone. :joy::joy: kudos to @mel.eth for the super quick turnaround!!!