The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.05 Thursday

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Light day today with only the Growth WG meeting and a Conversation with the Coop. No newsletter on Fridays as there are no WG meetings; however, there will be a Community Call and of course DeFriday! If I don’t catch you before the weekend, have a good one! Let’s dive in:

Growth WG (14 attendees)
@LemonadeAlpha held down the chair and there was a clear message in the data, if up-and-to-the-right is your thing, Growth has some charts for you! @MrMadila ran us through the numbers: Address exposure, unit-supply: both moving in the right direction. $MVI address exposure curling upward over the last two weeks, and also showing the strongest user-retention among Coop offerings. There were 23k new website visits out of 26k total in July, mostly coming from Google and direct links. The paid advertisements on Coingecko are also yielding results.

APAC crew has a targeted approach outlined, by region, for leveraging: trading habits, influencers, news outlets, and marketing agencies; and are executing on that plan. @caf and @Static121 discussed potentially using some analytics tools related to twitter, and have requested that anyone with a need to communicate on socials reach out to them.

Conversations with the Coop
@Crypto_Texan hosted Clinton Bembry from Slingshot. While I wasn’t able to attend as it conflicted with the GWG meeting, it was reportedly a great interview. Special shout to @blurb, who’s been mixing the audio for these sessions and doing an awesome job. Next week will be Leo Cheng, co-founder of Cream Finance.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Friday Meetings: (UTC / runtime 1-hour unless noted)
1600 - iROBOT Community Call
1700 - DeFriday (twitter spaces)
Monday Meetings:
1600 - Weekly Planning
2000 - Product WG

Daily DAOwlpha: Have you ever wondered what day of the week users are buying our indices? @MrMadila has and median values show that users tend to buy the most $FLI on Fridays, for both ETH2x and BTC2x. Tuesday and Thursday are big $DPI days. As for $MVI . . . Sundays are the clear winner. We still need to get Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday covered, so please indicate a preferred pump-day on all future product proposals.

- @mel.eth

This newsletter is evolving; constructive feedback appreciated. If you would like to receive this daily when it drops (typically 6pm EDT, Monday through Thursday), ping me!


One other meeting happening on Thursdays now – Women of Index Coop! Would be happy to send you notes to include if it’s of interest :slight_smile:

Loving this newsletter in general, thank you!


@catjam, that’s just such great news! Sincere apologies for the oversight. Thanks for offering to send in notes - feel free to send on discord and I’ll include them from now on. If you want me to add it to the list of upcoming meetings at the bottom just send the time and login link ahead as well.

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No apologies necessary! It’s a new group and not currently on the shared cal. Will definitely send notes next week, thanks so much for including!

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Thanks @mel.eth for these, super handy!

@caf @Static121 I see the mention of socials. I’m keen to check-in regarding language contributors using twitter etc. and see what can be useful.

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FYI we had around 30k impressions in non English (I think they were Chinese) last week. Not bad out of 3-500k submitted for impression mining. DM me for me info :+1:


Very cool, let’s talk on Discord!