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New Role Filled: @pujimak_in is the new Community Manager for the APAC Region! Well-deserved; thanks for speaking our language, and a few others!

Today we had the Weekly Planning and Product WG meetings. The biggest news on the day is undoubtedly the DATA DG2 poll up on Snapshot for voting. This index captures the economic upside of on-chain data providers such as Chainlink, Filecoin, and The Graph. The sector is untapped from an indexing perspective, with Index Coop and Titans of Data partnering to change that - but not without the votes! @Thomas_Hepner has a great Twitter post that’s ripe for sharing should you want to help bring this index to the IC family of products.

Calls to Action:

Weekly Planning (46 attendees) slides
Daily revenue is approaching $12k a day and all 7-indicators on the North Stars & KPIs matrix are green on the week! @Pepperoni_Joe has some autonomy-related workshops on the horizon, so keep an eye out. Engineering WG welcomes @ncitron as a full-timer tomorrow, and are about to launch what just might be the first v3 staking contract on mainnet. We learned that people generally like things that move on Twitter, and CDWG urges everyone to get announcements in the socials pipeline ahead of time, as same-day = not-likely.

Language Ops is now a funded Working Group (LOWG - there’s a space joke in there somewhere, please drop it in the comments) and they have been levering Canva to make translated videos easier, additionally noting that the Spanish channel has been fairly active recently. BD gave another shout-out to @Matthew_Graham for his work with Tribe and noted that the AAVE $DPI listing vote goes live this week. IB noted that we could see another $DPI listing via Genesis in the coming weeks, a Wintermute (Market Maker) community call is going to be scheduled, and they’re planning to host a Mainnet afterparty with the folks over at Perpetual Protocol and UMA (the ‘m’ in @mel.eth is generally lowercase, you know for when you’re preparing the invitations).

Product WG (22 attendees) slides
PWG calls have become relatively tame, having gotten liquidity mining squared away for the time-being. Of note, the re-up of the MVI:ETH v2 staking contract is firing blanks for now - it will be restocked with governance-rewards in the coming days and will run for the full 30.

There was a deep-dive and great context by @afromac and @allan.g regarding potential flavors of 2x leverage, with flexible currently being on offer and fixed looking pretty tasty. These proposals represent the intersection of power regarding The Coop’s intrinsic production capabilities and the value that external methodologists bring; having multiple great strategies being presented with a similar result in mind is quite bullish and I hope the path forward is synergistic as this is certainly not a zero-sum endeavor. Regardless, there will be leverage.

In the pipeline we have iROBOT having passed DG1 and working it’s way through the diligence process. There will be a community call on Friday hosted by our own @oneski22 at 17:00 UTC for YHI, The Yield Hunter Index (chills).

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC
1400 - Institutional Business
1500 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1900 - People, Organization, Community (45 mins)
OOO: @gregdocter through Aug 21st

Daily DAOwlpha: This weekend I discovered that, in a pinch, a Ledger Nano X is pretty darn effective as a cigar cutter.

- @mel.eth

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I need more information on this use case ASAP :slight_smile:


@oneski22 I’ll be putting on a masterclass at the next NYC meetup :wink:


Hello sir,

Here’s an update on APAC to be included in tomorrow’s The sCoop.

APAC Bi-Weekly Update



I’m also looking forward for some puns though… can’t think of any. :joy:

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