The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.19 Thursday

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Today there was only the Growth Working Group meeting, but if you’re seeing this at press time you’ll be able to catch @Crypto_Texan interviewing Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, on discord at 22:00 UTC (6PM EDT) on the latest Conversations with the Coop.

New Product Announcement!
It’s been a long road, but it’s official as of 21:00 UTC: DATA will be part of the Index Coop family of products, having passed DG2 it will be prioritized for launch!

A special note from Titans of DATA (full text here):
Thank you to everyone in this community who voted for the DATA index and/or provided support over the past 3 months to get DATA to this point!! Now the real work begins - cannot wait to make DATA a massive success with this community!!!
- @Thomas_Hepner, Methodologist (<— how does it feel to see that as a proper-noun buddy!?)

Calls to Action:

  • Per Twitter analytics, only 9% of @indexcoop views are by women. Asking every Owl to give some thought to the challenge of building a community that is more inclusive and diverse. I think we do this well; I think we can do better. Highlighting the women-in-index-dream-team channel on discord for visibility, and if you have ideas on how to increase visibility on Twitter, please reach out to @caf.
  • @BigSky7 posted a call for discussion on the Guiding Principals and Code of Conduct. This affects every Owl; please participate.

Growth WG (16 attendees) slides
The Growth meetings are, for lack of a better term, fun. Given that there is only one WG meeting today, I’m going to drop some charts below courtesy of @MrMadila. The opener was ‘best and worst job you’ve had?’ and while the the answers could dox some socks off, I will say that it’s no surprise we all love The Coop so much, as the answers for ‘worst’ were a beautiful combination of cringe and hilarity. The diverse backgrounds among our Owls are something worth noting, and I could see hosting contributor-resumes in a place of visibilty as a worthy endeavor.

CDWG is potentially looking at a clickup:notion integration and has been working on building animated infographics, which seem to get positive engagement on Twitter; the shared events calendar is in progress. There was discussion about distribution for DATA as that was looking likely to pass at meeting time, having smashed through quorum earlier in the day. And @fallow8, @caf, and I are planning to build out some learn-to-earn content with an as-of-yet determined home (possibly Rabbithole), similar to the $2 and $5 campaigns we’ve seen on a CEX that rhymes with ‘groin space’.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Friday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Wintermute Proposal Community Call
1600 - YHI Community Call
1700 - DeFriday (Twitter Spaces)

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1530 - Weekly Planning (note one-time shift to half-hour earlier)
1630 - Workshop with DeFi Pulse
2000 - Product WG

OOO: @gregdocter thru Aug 21st, @DarkForestCapital thru Aug 27th

Daily DAOwlpha: Have a written-content idea for the IC Blog, or have experience drafting articles? Reach out to @marshmellow and find out how to get started!

- @mel.eth

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And now, the charts!
First, the pirate funnel (AAARRR!), highlighting the adoption flywheel (credit: @overanalyser, I believe):

Next, how monthly impressions have changed over time, by product (gray being non-product, should be minimized/below 20%) . . . I see you over there $BED:

Finally, @MrMadila came up with a useful metric to effectively measure sales, Total Daily Net Mint Value effectively tracking USD value of net sales, by product:

Thanks for these insights @MrMadila!


Feels great - super excited to grow DATA! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Awesome works Growth team @LemonadeAlpha @MrMadila - slides are awesome and I love the data-driven approach - especially the use of the “total daily net mint value” metric.