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Despite starting the week with a big US holiday, attendance at the Weekly Planning Meeting did not falter. We also had the Product Working Group meeting today with @overanalyser back at the conn. I’d like to highlight that we have three meetings this week relating to the Index 2.0 discussions (one each day: T,W,Th), so prepare accordingly and plan to attend if you’d like to help shape this DAO. I’ve dropped a shot of the week’s calendar below for reference. There will also be a Masterclass on Friday by @LemonadeAlpha: Going (Relatively) Viral. Hydrate, stretch your wings, and let’s dive in.

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Context Corner:

Weekly Planning (40 attendees) slides
Mint volume down, trade volume up, weekly revenue up 11% to $11,817/day, per @jdcook’s analytical insights. The big news out of PWG and EWG is that DATA will be launching mid-month! @oneski22 noted that there has been solid progression on the partnership-front for an upcoming NFT index proposal with help from BDWG; stay tuned. Otherwise PWG will be focused expanding capabilities over the coming weeks, similar to BDWG.

@0xModene has accepted the FT offer for the Web 3 Engineer position and will be starting later this month (hearty congrats!). @dylan noted that DPI, MVI, and BED rebalances were successfully completed last week; however, gas costs at ~100 gwei+ made the rebalancing cost overall exceptionally high. Otherwise EWG is preparing for the DATA launch.

@mrvls_brkfst noted that the long-form content coming out of the APAC region has been gaining extremely high levels of relative traction with a shout to @Tudou and also gave a shout to @Hammad1412 for work on monthly reward management. There’s a workshop coming on ‘quick and easy’ blog SEO management; stay tuned. @Thomas_Hepner noted that there’s anecdotal evidence that DATA will be well-received in the APAC region.

@oneski22 took us through the BDWG docket with ongoing work on getting IC products listed on Compound Finance, UMA having bought BED, and potentially Aave rewards for depositing DPI on v2. @MrMadila noted that August was a positive (2nd best ever) month in terms of the amount spent on IC products and gave a shout to @caf for help with the Token 2049 event that is upcoming in early October.

@Pepperoni_Joe gave a shout to @helmass for effective work across key community initiatives and noted that @pujimak_in is your go-to resource for all things discord and email requests. To close the meeting, @BigSky7 asked us all to give some thought on how to trim the Weekly Planning Meetings as there are an ever-growing number of parties that report-in during this time and the hour is quite full.

Product WG (15 attendees) slides
Opener: What’s the next big thing in crypto? No notable overlap in responses; @afromac with a bitcoin DEX, @overanalyser with the ETH 2.0 merge, and @bradwmorris with social tokens.

There was a good amount of discussion around DEX liquidity replete with charts and graphs showing how liquidity has migrated between DEXs; a takeaway being that things are flowing in the right direction and capital efficiencies offered by Uniswap v3 have been positive. The conversation around Uniswap vs. Sushiswap revolved mainly around leveraging Sushi-based incentives. @MrMadila raised the question of using a 3rd party for v3 management with @overanalyser noting that Gelato might also be a good alternative to explore further.

@Thomas_Hepner ran through the upcoming DATA launch noting that liquidity will likely be the biggest challenge. The Automated Indices Pod via @afromac gave shouts to @Ahuja, @sidhemraj, and @jackiepoo for their efforts on the LINK2x and MATIC2x proposed products, with a forum post expected shortly. To close us out, a note from @Cavalier_Eth that discussions re a revamped product onboarding process have progressed with BDWG; forum post incoming.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0500 - [APAC] Index 2.0 Recap Workshop
1400 - Institutional Business WG
1500 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1730 - Organizational Feedback and Action Planning (1.5 hrs)


Daily DAOwlpha: ‘DAOs all the way down’ - @Thomas_Hepner quoting @Kiba in the PWG meeting re the next big thing as DAOs replace the traditional command structure for organizing labor toward productive ends.

- @mel.eth