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A lighter Thursday at Index Coop now that Design & Growth are synced on the same Thursday. Gov Ops WG got things going and spent time figuring out their flight plan to their new Nest. Women + NB of Index celebrated a great turn out for their Twitter Spaces - How to DAO w/ Women in Index & BD was deal makin’ and heart breakin’ during their open Office Hours.

Tomorrow, @Alks4778 hosts ’ Fridays with the Coop ’ over on the Twitter Spaces. So grab your favorite smartphone, earbuds and hang out with your fellow Owls.

No newsletter on Fridays, so if we don’t hear you tomorrow on Twitter Spaces, have a wonderful weekend and see you at Monday’s Weekly Standup



  • [Balancer] : Activate the Protocol Fee
  • [Uniswap - 1.10] : GFX Labs is submitting Polygon’s governance proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 to Polygon on their behalf

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Vote Early, Vote Often
Governance Operations WG Meeting (10 attendees) notion

@Mringz led proceedings at today’s GovOps, asking for everyone’s moment in crypto. @puncar is leading an initiative to write a book about How to DAO. @mel.eth shared that quitting his job and watching Constitution DAO were two pretty big moments. @sixtykeys shared getting rugged on Iron Bank taught him everything he needed to know about crypto. Inspired by hearing @BigSky7 on a podcast, @shawn16400 had an ‘aha moment’ when Simon’s message about there being more to crypto than only making money.

@jackiepoo presented some additional thoughts and data on the participation problem with voting at Index Coop. The main issue is that many proposals are unable to reach quorum, especially in Metagovernance. Half the time, they are “decided” by a single voter, Proposals that do reach quorum. In other words, a deciding voter wins no matter which way it votes on that proposal.

There are only nine voters who have been the “deciding voter.” When there are important IIPs that we need to be passed, since we (the contributors) don’t have enough votes to reach quorum, we will often reach out to these voters to help us avoid deadlock. This highlights the limitations of our IIP governing system. Some possible solutions were discussed to help those who are executing (the contributors) have more clarity and a strong voice in Coop’s direction.

@mel.eth touched on the transition from the GOWG to the Governance Nest. One of the future roles of this newly formed Nests will be to help the Coop transition from a lot of top-level voting to playing a role in supporting consensus mechanisms within Nests & Pods. Coordination of these efforts is a critical way to support the Coop. The group shared their thoughts about why they exist and their primary objectives.

Is MetaGoverance a “TradFi thing to do,” or is this what gives $INDEX value? Some exciting discussions wrapped up this session.

Women + NB of Index WG (8 attendees) slides
The WIC call kicked off with a fun question from @jujube “Who’s your dream collaboration partner?” The women of Nouns DAO, Grimes, T Swift…and most importantly…Rihanna were some of the collabs mentioned.

@chasechapman and @jujube celebrated the success of the first-ever WIC Twitter Spaces - How to DAO w/ Women in Index (Listen Here). 80+ attendees had the opportunity to listen and be inspired by stories of women and non-binary individuals making an impact on web3. Integrating WIC into People Nest via Wednesday’s launch party was also noted.

WIC will co-sponsor @1kx’s Codeless Connect (a hackathon for non-technical people) on Dec 11. Shout to @lee0007 for sourcing bounties and reformatting. @rashmiashok11 & @Alks4778 continue to make progress on creating an Index 101 Workshop. To educate underrepresented groups about Index products and introduce Index products to a more diverse group of potential holders.

Shoutout @Alks4778 for sharing unique insights and Sarah for putting together great questions for the Spaces. Creating content summarizing key learnings from this and future Spaces would be a great initiative. Next on Twitter Spaces will be a Female Founder AMA w/ Women in Index. The objective is to establish Index as an inclusive space for everyone. It’s currently in the planning stages. So reach out if you know a female found that should be onstage with the Owls.

Ideas were also shared about creating awareness to the broader community that Index Coop empowers women and non-binary people in our DAO. By hosting some consistent Twitter Spaces, it could be a way to establish Index Coop as an inclusive space, increase diverse top-of-funnel talent.

Friday: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
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2000 - ‘Fridays with the Coop’ on Twitter Spaces @Alks4778 @MrMadila @BigSky7 @Crypto_Texan

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