The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.21 Thursday

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No Growth WG meeting today as we’re feeling the LisCon brain-drain this week. Women in Crypto WG held both their first Global and APAC meetings today, Governance Operations WG held their first meeting, and the Design Working Group met for the 27th time yet still managed to keep the dial set to FRESH.

No Working Group meetings held on Fridays and no newsletter (fret not, there are some discussions of a Friday/weekly ‘around the Coop’ type of wrap-up developing to help tide y’all over). Keep it here for the latest, and as always, don’t DAO too hard this weekend!


Q4 WG Funding:

Women In Crypto WG (12 attendees) slides | write-up by @aakansha
WICWG has been working hard to make Index Coop an inclusive space.
Opener: How would we like to end our week feeling? Relaxed and inspired stood out. How hyped we are about web3!

Some awesome opportunities:

  • Review BDWG onboarding material to promote I&D, create articles on IC, revamp Notion for IBWG, GMWG, and WICWG (more details in slides).
  • City of Angels (Discord) is looking for a female full-stack dev. Let @catjam know if interested.

Now some Owlpha time:

  • WIC proposal passed with 22 votes, and Representation and Equality workshop (part 2) is being planned.
  • Discussions are ongoing about the kind of onboarding WIC should provide, and to display pronouns for inclusion.
  • WIC needs volunteers for its first official event next month. The event will focus on making connections with other women, Education and DAO. Some of the ideas are having Female founder workshops, “Teach us something” sessions. Do checkout the slides for more ideas.
  • Sessions will be conducted next Wednesday to collect feedback on the mentorship pilot for womxn. Experienced with mentorship programs? DM @jujube for an invite!

WIC meeting is moving to an internationally friendly time at 0330 UTC on 2nd Thursdays. Join to have fun, connect with awesome people, and discuss the priorities for WIC group. If you’d like to contribute to WIC, hit us up at #wic-public, or just come say gm!

Governance Operations WG (5 attendees) notion
The first meeting of the new GOWG mainly covered some early ideation around verticals, responsibilities, processes, tracking, and areas that need increased clarity or awareness. While yet to land on a mission-statement, the idea is that all community members feel empowered to engage in the governance process, find the process easy to understand and navigate, and have an avenue to provide feedback and receive guidance.

An early priority is getting the existing processes around IIPs (product and non-), Meta-Governance, Elections, and Meta-Governance Proposals fully documented both internally with robust tracking, and to be used as community resources. Further, @Lavi will be working with the MGC to further fine-tune their election process, with a seat opening up on November 1.

Other highlights: More POAPs coming soon-ish, ‘Ambassadors of the Round Table’, early mission/goals/KPIs forming with some great early analytics insights from @Don-ETH and an appreciated offer of help from @sidhemraj that we’ll be leveraging soon! @sixtykeys has roughed out some early IIP-tracking in notion with an eye toward making this the source of truth for IIP-tracking across the organization. Otherwise, the weekly meeting time may shift slightly as we have new WGs coming online; please check the public calendar for the latest updates.

Design WG Bi-Weekly (16 attendees) notion
DWG may be looking to inspire contribution from Owls looking to level-up on the job, similar to EWG’s Wizardry program. The early ideation is building a notion resource for tasks that have low criticality and an avenue to work with more experienced DOWLs for feedback. Initial chatter termed these potential contributors Design Druids.

The VOD is taking shape with a content tracker in its early form and a plan to experiment aggressively. Some highlighting of the contributor community is planned, as well as some product spotlighting. There was some progress on the 3D Cooper last week, with new poses being rigged, and again a huge shout to @codemathics and @Static121 for the above newsletter banner and leveling-up Coop assets across the board!

Otherwise there is a push to update and maintain consistency across token logos in the ecosystem, and while the Owl NFT project is still on the radar, it’s taking a bit of a back-seat to the ongoing Compensation and Tokenomics discussions that are ongoing as part of the Index 2.0 efforts.

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)

Daily DAOwlpha: There is one concept I feel is important and under-appreciated in crypto. Coordination. I believe blockchains, DeFi, DAOs, even NFTs are on their meta level primarily tools for scaling coordination - not only of capital but also minds. - Fiskantes (graphic below)

- @mel.eth


Of note, I chaired the GOWG meeting and wrote the summary; if there is an Owl keen to cover WG meetings for this newsletter, please reach out to me directly.