The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.12 Wednesday

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Index Council presented the strategy and structure for Season 1 and how they envision three pillars that will enable Nests and contributors to execute our shared vision. #20TVL is alive and well with BD who are building relationships and announcing new partnerships on the regular. aspirations.

Thursday is a busy one with a total of 7 Index Coop events on the calendar. Gov Ops WG kicks off their day with setting objectives in an ever ecosystem of opportunities followed by Women + NB of Index & BD Office Hours in Discord sharing a time slot. Design WG and Conversations with the Coop featuring @0xRyanDG, the COO of Decentral Games are next in line. @JosephKnecht will host an open community call to go over a Layer2 index proposal. Next we welcome and show new Owlets around our community and giving them the sCoop about our products on the New Joiner Call. And the day finishes off with Owlchemy - DAO Design in our Discord.



Product | Nest News:

The Definition of a Boomer Meme

Business Development (26 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth

@Miza got the meeting started with an oldie, but a goodie in the boomer meme game. What’s the definition of a boomer meme? Is there a year cutoff or do you just know one when you see it? :slight_smile:

@Mringz highlighted the recent partnership with Universe Finance. They opened up SEVEN Uniswap V3 vaults for our products and lit up our Discord channels like a Christmas tree. @oneski22 went over Polygon Ohm-fork, VESQ, and that their bonding platform includes $DPI. There was some discussion of Bancor pools with @overanalyser.

Next up, the creation of some upcoming benchmark indices could create opportunities to really go big with potential partnerships. As $DPI has become the defacto standard when references DeFi, $MCAP, and some future indices could provide a similar level or significantly more visibility when created. So the opportunity to collaborate with a big partner is something they’ll be exploring.

DAO treasury diversification was touched on as Buzzed Bears bought some $GMI and other DAOs are publicly calling out other DAOs on Twitter for lack of diversification. Not sure cold Twitter shaming is the way to build a positive win-win relationship, but interesting to see this method of AUM be out in the open.

How We Win Together

Leadership Forum (53 attendees) slides video

Last week Index Council revealed and discussed with the community an overarching vision for Index Coop: Create decentralized financial products that unlock prosperity for everyone. Today the working strategies and structure to fulfill that vision was laid out and reviewed.

@Pepperoni_Joe walked us through the departure from our quarterly schedule to a seasonal model in 2022. Season 1 stretches from February 1st to June 30th; Off Season from July 1st - July 31st; and Season 2 from August 1st to approx. December 23rd.

Our Season 1 strategy is built on three pillars: Product Strategy, Growth Strategy, and Organizational Strategy. Each of these strategies will be carried out by the following Nests: Product - Product Nest, Growth - Growth Nest, and Organizational - Community, Governance, and Finance.

Product Strategy/Nest
The primary objective of Product will be to:

Identify financial products that fill customer needs.

  1. Drive the product roadmap - ex. identify and consider product opportunities
  2. Accelerate the product launch process - ex. Liquidity Pod, standardize feel splits
  3. Increase product experimentation - ex. develop & deploy L2 strategy

Associated Pods: Automated, Composite, Engineering, Wizardry, Liquidity, Analytics

Growth Strategy/Nest
The primary objective of Growth will be to:

Increase the availability and accessibility of Index Coop products

  1. Asset Support - Obtain support for the IC product suite across multiple custodians globally
  2. UX - Create a seamless education and track purchase experience on the IC website.
  3. Listings - List Index Coop products on major DeFi and CeFi platforms and on L2 solutions.
  4. Exploration - Off-chain distribution and direct outreach strategies (eg, family offices, DAOs).

Generate global awareness and understanding of our products and brand

  1. Content - Increase the clarity and awareness of our products, value proposition through channel/content experimentation.
  2. Word-of-Mouth - Activate strong viral loops via referral programs.
  3. Amplify -Deliver a language-based expansion policy that drives awareness and product adoption.
  4. Exploration - Community-led growth

Associated Pods: Content, Visual & Design, Partnership, Marketing, Growth Grants Program (GGP)

Organizational Strategy
The primary objective of Organizational will be to:

Build a successful and sustainable organization

Community Nest

  1. Identify skill gaps
  2. Attract high impact contributors
  3. Retain high impact contributors
  4. Enable contributors to work and communicate effectively together
  5. Improve decision making (with Governance Nest)

Associated Pods: Talent, Human Capital & Culture, Operations & Internal Communication, Community & Women + NB in Index

Governance Nest

  1. Increase meta-governance value through increased value
  2. Provide the community with safe, transparent, reliable, and well-communicated governance processes.
  3. Improve decision making (with Community Nest)

Associated Pods: Governance Operations, Meta-Governance, Governance Communications & Improvement

Finance Nest

  1. Tokenomics and value accrual for INDEX token holders.
  2. Ensure accountability and productive spend to demonstrate the impact
  3. Ensure the financial profitability and sustainability of Index Coop
  4. Manage funds and ensure smooth disbursement of funds across Index Coop.

Associated Pods: Sustainability & Accountability, Operation Funding & Payroll, Investment, Tokenomics

A considerable amount of time and effort was put forth by Index Council to distill an overarching vision into a practical plan to execute our community’s objectives. Take some time to process and reflect on these Season 1 strategies and structure. Discuss with your fellow Owls and leave comments/feedback below.

In all likelihood, we haven’t gotten it 100% right and that’s ok. We can take these learnings and use them in future seasons. What’s important now is that we have a base from which we can iterate, code, collaborate, meme, and create to collectively move Index Coop forward together.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG
1600 - Women + NB of Index WG
1600 - BD Office Hours (discord: BD Office Hours :chart_with_upwards_trend: )
1700 - Conversations with the Coop featuring @0xRyanDG, the COO of Decentral Games
1700 - Design WG
1800 - Layer2 Community Call
1900 - New Joiner Call (EU/US)
2100 - Owlchemy - DAO Design (Discord) with @Pepperoni_Joe @pet3rpan Caroline from Forefront & David


Daily DAOwlpha: A DAO is a universe of people. She treats everyone as an individual. She’s compassionate and she’s an acute listener. She’s your closest circle of friends. She replaces management with mentorship. Magical things start happening when individuals are given both autonomy and agency. - @banteg

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