The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.05 Wednesday

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BD WG brainstormed and opened up about their #20TVL aspirations. During today’s Leadership Forum the Index Council dove deep into the challenges and opportunities they’ve been working on.

Thursday in the DAO starts with Gov Ops WG adjudicating and pontificating followed by Women + NB of Index & BD Office Hours in Discord sharing a time slot. $MCAP will host an open community call. And maybe we’ll wrap up the day with something special. :man_shrugging:





  • BitGo now supporting $MVI, $DATA, $BED in BitGo Qualified Custodial and hot wallets. @Metfanmike

2022 #20TVL!

Business Development (31 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth

@Miza led off with a killer #20TVL meme to start things off as everyone gave their top 3 coins and chains for 2022. As always @BigSky7 stole the show letting everyone know that he’s long on $MARC, $MRINGZ & $FUNK. I’d shill those bags all day!

@shawn16400 gave a breakdown of the DAO tooling changes that are currently being rolled out to improve DAO, Nest, and Pod collaboration and coordination. These tools include Discord, Discourse, and Notion. The Growth & Business Development section of the Forum will be a go-to resource to get to speed and keep current on the happenings within the new Growth Nest:

@Mringz dove into this open discussion and brainstorming session by laying out the mission: Enable Index Coop contributors, nest & pods to achieve their goals through our network & relationships within DeFi.
20TVL Multi-protocol partnerships. Drive broader strategy within the DAO.

The topics of discussion ranged from determining the best strategies to identify and develop initiatives with L2/sidechains, partners, methodologists and to working collaboratively with Growth pods and other Index Coop Nests. No matter the affiliation of that partner, the focus is on building strong, win-win relationships

With that in mind, there is a renewed focus within BD. Objectives like DAO treasury diversification, adding TVL, and new wallet-centric opportunities. Continuing to build systems and game plans to provide ongoing value to sustain partnerships, long-term relationships, and a customer/fan community. Some of the areas that are no longer in this core area of focus will likely be absorbed by other Nests/Pods within Index Coop, like University Relations → Education Pod & some aspects of Regional Expansion → Peoples Nest.

Revealing the Vision of Index Coop

Leadership Forum (36 attendees)

Today was a chance for the Index Council to fill in contributors about what they’ve been working on across a few key topics. No slides today for @Pepperoni_Joe but he was able to power through, ;).

@jdcook provided an update about the progress that has been made with the relationship between Set & Index Coop. They are currently meeting biweekly to help clarify expectations and foster better collaboration. The core of that group from Set is @gregdocter, Nick, and Alejandro. The main deliverable they’re working on is a more formalized agreement between Set and Index Coop. The goal is to set more clear expectations on each side so we can build a more mutually beneficial, long-term relationship to win together. There’s a lot of renewed optimism on both sides about how this relationship will move forward.

@Metfanmike discussed the importance of our shared vision at Index Coop. Our mission is clear, but there’s been less of an understanding about how we actually get there. What should this look like at the end of 2022? If don’t have this shared vision, we’re not going to be on the same page or how to get there. Index Council has been working a lot on what this vision looks like. By creating this vision, then we can work back with the strategies that will allow us to hit those marks. For example, Growth, it’s about increasing the availability, accessibility, and global awareness of our products.

Beneath that, it’s going to be the Nests that determine the objectives and tactics needed to bring those strategies to fruition. And then it’s the people/pods and the way they’re structured that will help us be successful. This will be presented next Wednesday.

He could only stay away from the slides so long, @Pepperoni_Joe revealed the vision:

Create decentralized financial products that unlock prosperity for everyone.

We walked down the 5 steps of this roadmap:

  1. Identify financial products that fill a customer’s needs
  2. Quickly and efficiently launch secure and successful financial products
  3. Increase the availability and accessibility of our products
  4. Generate global awareness of our products
  5. Build a successful and sustainable organization

Along with installing a killer $GMI background, @Matthew_Graham a great breakdown of the role budgeting plays in this. A revenue forecast was created for the calendar year that took into account hiring, salaries, working group itemized expenses.

Be sure to mark your calendar for next week’s Leadership Forum, you don’t wanna miss it.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1600 - Women + NB of Index WG
1600 - BD Office Hours (discord: BD Office Hours :chart_with_upwards_trend: )
1700 - $MCAP Community Call
1900 - :shushing_face:
2000 - :100:

OOO: @alerex Dec 23-Jan 7, @dylan Jan 3-9

Daily DAOwlpha: DAOs offer many the opportunity to do what they love - which makes burnout even more likely. Web3 organizations need to make it their priority to help contributors manage the mental pressures of working in this space. - @Pepperoni_Joe

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Defining an abstracted roadmap on how to get there sounds both critical and fun :cowboy_hat_face:

I would be more than willing to gather and define those elements.