sCoop Weekly - 2022.01.14

Welcome to the sCoop Weekly where you’ll get a rundown of the week that was and where the Owls are flying next. Be sure to follow daily and weekly Index Cooperative contributor news on Twitter: @HowWeDAO

What is Index Coop?

The official Index Coop YouTube channel is now live. The Video Pod kicked it off in a big way and it’s perfect video to share with your crypto crew or normie friends.

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How We Win Together

Last week Index Council revealed and discussed with the community an overarching vision for Index Coop: Create decentralized financial products that unlock prosperity for everyone. Wednesday the working strategies and structure to fulfill that vision was laid out and reviewed.

We’re moving from a quarterly schedule to a seasonal model in 2022. Our Season 1 strategy is built on three pillars: Product Strategy, Growth Strategy, and Organizational Strategy. Each of these strategies will be carried out by the following Nests: Product, Growth, and Community, Governance, & Finance.

For more details, check out: Slides, Video and sCoop recap

What’s new and in which direction are we heading over the upcoming week

Prepping for Season 1

Over the next couple of weeks the vision and structure for Index 2.0 will be implemented. This positive step forward for Index Coop as we now have a base from which we can iterate, code, collaborate, meme, and create to collectively move Index Coop forward together. Attend and take part in upcoming Nest and Pod meeting as we prep for an exciting Season 1.

A Tokenized $GMI Hooide, What?

Grab a piece of history & remind all your friends that you’re $GMI. This drop w/ @__iyk is bridging the digital and physical to make you part of the community both on- & off-chain. Purchase Here →

There’s no shortage of events in crypto and Index Coop plans to have some meetups in 2022, COVID-willing. Keep your eye out for ones near you and give @MrMadila a shout to add to our calendar. But today we’ll feature 2 from Index Coop.

Tutorial for Methodologists -January 20th at 1700 UTC; Google Meet
The aim is to see how OA’s liquidity guidance applies to index composition. Feel free to dm or post any questions you might have or topics you’d like me to cover. All are welcome.

DeFi & Index 101 - January 25th-27th Register Now
Join us for a three-day workshop of 90 minute live streams each for Women and NB looking to onboard into DeFi and crypto Indexes.

Topics covered:
Day 1- The basics of DeFi with Odyssey DAO (tag them)
Day 2- The fundamentals of Index Products
Day 3- Index Coop’s products and how to invest in them

A number Nests and Pods are actively seeking contributors to help Index Coop grow and deliver results that move our DAO forward. Here are a few and the people to reach out to:

Business Development (@funkmasterflex) - DAO Treasury Diversification, University Blockchain Club Relations
Governance (@lavi @mel.eth ) - Assist with IIP creation, voting, and metagovernance; Boardroom updates
Women + NB in Index (@chasechapman @Lfeld) - Contribute to ideation and execution of events including workshops, Twitter Spaces, and conferences
People Nest (@StepvhenH @0xMitz, @Louisaraj) - explore ways to help contribute to education and community efforts
Growth (@TheYoungCrews) - attack the whitespace and learn about memes and vibing benefits the Index Coop

Something to share with your non-crypto family and friends to assure them you’re not working in MLM or part of a Ponzi scheme.

On how to make it in crypto as a normal person. - @punk6529




should we start adding a meme of the week? whatever post in #memes has the most emojis for that week


Strongly FOR meme of the week

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Just dropping a reminder about the GMI merch drop with IYK!

We’re nearly half sold out, and the drop closes at the end of this coming week.

Each hoodie is embedded with an NFT which the owner can call to their wallet using new “Proof of Proximity” NFC tech.

We’re planning to get some IRL benefits for owning at Index hosted events at Permisionless 2022

Oh and each hoodie also comes loaded with 1 GMI token

hoot hoot


Gm. The slides for Thursday’s product design tutorial are now in the shared calendar invite and here. In keeping with the new product strategy and terminology, the title has been changed to Product Design Tutorial.