The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.24 Monday

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Pods, nests, and everything that used to be (ahem, “working groups”) shared updates during Today’s Weekly Standup. Also, reminder that today was the last day to submit January Contributor Rewards.

Two hangouts on Discord tomorrow: F.Nest’s Money Talks followed by Community Nest’s Tea Time.


Product | Launch:

All in the name of progress…

Weekly Stand Up (40 attendees) slides

@anthonyb.eth opened with some less than optimal North Stars and KPIs due to last week’s market crash. AUM was down 42%, but N$F was only down $4m (this is why we track N$F; only $4m of the $178m lost in AUM was due to people cashing out). Revenue is down 7.6% which may not be as bad as you expected. It’s from mint and redeem fees on ETH2x-FLI; trading activity there produces extra revenue. Trade volume is up this week by 26%, likely due to volatility.

@sixtykeys with some Governance updates: 2 IIPs passed last week (IIP-123 and IIP-124). 4 new IIPs went live on Snapshot today. For the first time in a long time, we reached quorum on the 2 latest Meta-Gov votes: AAVE-55 and COMPOUND-82. Both passed. Additionally, be aware that the team took down a vote that went up earlier today, AAVE: Add Assets to Aave Polygon Market and Update wMATIC Risk Parameters; voting power on Aave has already been delegated to an EOA that submitted an AIP and passed quorum as permitted by IIP-124.

From Community Nest, @Pepperoni_Joe announced solid progress on the Community Nest Proposal. Also, Priority Hiring Offer letters are out and a reminder that Index 101 Workshop led by Women +NB begins today and runs through the 26th Shoutout to @bradwmorris and @catjam for their contributions to the future of Growth Nest!

The Product Onboarding Tracker has been updated with $MATIC-2x-P set to launch in early February. Successes from last week include: $LAYER1 and $REAL Index posted on the forum, $MCAP WTA completed and posted, $LAYER2 WTF completed and posted. Check out the new forum post on Product Onbaording Process Redesign. Thank you to @Static121, @alerex, and @edwardk for responsiveness as Product tries to roadmap FLIs around changing circumstances.

@edwardk celebrated Engineering Pod’s AMA on Engineering Priorities held last week. IIPs 64 and 72 will hopefully be completed today, and the team is making proress on three different Exchange Issuance Contracts: (1) Leveraged Tokens, (2) Improved “Basic” Exchange Issuance, and (3) 0x Exchange Issuance. Work in progress includes that on redesign and an on-chain proposal to reenable DPI for borrowing on Aave. Cheers @TheYoungCrews for getting in touch with an 0x Product Manager and getting a code fix prioritized for us!

From Growth Nest: Check out the Owl Howl featured tag in public discord server that is now active. Interested users can click the owl in the role up. There’s still time to engage with this LinkedIn post via likes, comments, and shares. They’re working on an Argent campaign for EOM and a Q4 + 2021 report/summary. Lastly, DM @MrMadila if you are booked for ETHDenver.

@Static121 gets another shoutout: thanks for the rapid DeFridays design support! He’s excited about the use of POAPs to track the impact of initiatives across the Coop. Speaking of DeFridays, @TheYoungCrews is calling all memelords—he’s hoping to cook up some for Ribbon Finance’s Twitter Spaces this Friday. @kindeagle has dropped all the resources you may need here.

@Mringz and BD celebrated a few successes of last week: a completed Discord migration (they’re working on a Notion migration), working with Tesseract (Yearn Polygon) to create DPI vaults when DPI is listed on AAVE Polygon (thanks @kindeagle for that introduction!), and Vesper Finance will continue to support IC products with vaults for DPI, GMI, DATA, MVI, and DATA. BD is speaking with Ichi about creating one INDEX community stablecoin.

@Metfanmike of IB met with everyone we’re doing upcoming webinars with: BitGo (date TBA in February), OnRamp (January 26th), and CFA Institute (February 10th). He’s looking forward to continued Growth Nest meetings on Thursdays; this one will include pod-specific strategies across the Growth Nest.

Out of @Finance.Nest, IIP-123: Finance Nest Autonomy Act passed, their Quarterly Report presentation was published, and so was the OKR Operations Report for December. They’re preparing KPI targets for Index Council review and looking to implement investment account strategies to make stables productive—updates on that soon.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time

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