The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.07 Monday

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Today, our Weekly Standup, featuring the completion of the new calendar!

Tomorrow, 2 discussions on Discord: F.Nest will talk tokenomics in Money Talks at 16:00 and then come chat with C.Nest at Tea Time at 20:00 UTC.





A pretty regular Monday

Weekly Stand Up (28 attendees) slides

Kicking off with some core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth: AUM was down last week by 5.2%, totaling $163m. N$F were -$0.15m last week which is an inflow of 0.09% of AUM. Revenue was $60k last week ($3.07m annualized), down 5% week over week. Check out the Core KPIs Dashboard, now complete with Mainnet and Polygon.

And a final calendar update: Here is the Contributor Calendar. Here is the Community Calendar. It is recommended to add both to your calendar, and also to include OOO during the time you sleep so you don’t get scheduled for meetings then.

Community Nest @Pepperoni_Joe

Some successes from last week: C.Nest finalized the Owl Progression framework and launched the bounty board, live with FAQs and Growth bounties. Community Pod mapped the community welcome flow (biweekly community welcome calls will restart this week or next) and began a Product FAQ page, kicking off with $DPI that will be used as a template for others.

This week, C.Nest is focused on improving both servers as they stand, preparing the results of the Owl Pulse Survey, and intensifying role gap identification. Ops Pod will start cleaning existing tool memberships and progress work on meeting cadence, linking to the Set Collaboration Agreement. Community Nest has used Coordinape in beta and will reflect on its use in the nest and possible expansion, all within the greater conversation of DAO compensation. This week as well, Forefront and Anthony will talk Index Terminal.

Finance Nest @Matthew_Graham

From Operations and Payroll Pod: February Contributor Rewards were paid last Monday, Feb 28. Operations Account signers have been updated to include @afromac and @sidhemraj.

Accountability & Financial Reporting Pods are still waiting on Owl Levels to be finalized. Once they are, they will work with @Pepperoni_Joe to determine what the associated spend will be. Financial reporting will be slightly delayed this month with a few core contributors out of office at the start of the month. A summary forum IIP request for Season 1 budget is being proposed tomorrow.

Governance Nest @mel.eth

A few recent launches: How-to Guide on getting all governance announcements on the forum, Gov Content, and an After Action Report. Their current priority is the upcoming Season 1 Nesting IIP. The community should be aware that POAPs are paused while reviewing utility/friction points/upgrades from the POAP team. Tomorrow, the ICC Retro will take place at 17:00 UTC.

Growth Nest @Metfanmike

Growth is celebrating our recognition as one of the top 50 blockchain startups globally by CB Insights (and 1 of only 3 DeFi projects, next to Uniswap and Aave). From UX and Analytics, Products and Product Family landing pages are no being planned (e.g. sector/thematic index products page). Content has finalized SEO best practices. IB is involved in conversation with an off-chain entity interested in partnering on a potential Exchange Traded Product (ETP) in Europe).

Last week, Growth Nest’s public-facing call focused on Institutional Business Pod. Season 1 Focuses include: centralized exchange listings, custodians, education/awareness and a few exploratory efforts, including family offices, off-chain distribution, and legal. This week’s call will focus on Business Development Pod.

Product Nest @DocHabanero

Product is honing in on a strategy to focus on DAO treasuries which impacts: (1) which products to build and (2) how we sell and distribute our products. (A public meeting this Friday will talk DAO treasuries.) This will result in a slower approach to thematic indices. They’re currently onboarding a GTM Manager as they prepare to launch products quickly, with a Product Roadmap here.

March will likely see the release of 3 more products: BTC2x-FLI-P, iBTC-FLI-P and JPG. They’re working with branding partners for PEI, LAYER2, P2E, and MCAP. They’re posted a Basis Trading Product to the forum as well as an updated $FIXED proposal.

From Engineering, $JPG development is starting this week while production contracts will be deployed today for BTC2x-FLI-P and iBTC-FLI-P. @blockdev is setting up arb bot infrastructure for BTC FLIs on Polygon. Leverage Token Exchange Issuance is in code review. Finally, our app is coming along as the team works through its final challenges (view the latest preview of our app).

OOO: @Hammad1412 Mar 5-12, @Lavi Mar 7-12, @ncitron Mar 5-12

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1700 - Retro IC Council v1
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time

Daily DAOwlpha: “Web3 is the death of single player mode.” - @ohhshiny