The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.07 Monday

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Kicking off the week, we held our Weekly Standup complete with updates from our 5 Nests as they complete their proposals and budgets.

Tomorrow, Community Tea Time on Discord. Women and Index’s new AMA with Female Founders will kick off at 2:30 pm EST onTwitter Spaces with Maggie Love of SheFi. Note that F.Nest’s Money Talks is canceled.



Governance | Product | Finance:

Proposals in FLIght

Weekly Stand Up (44 attendees) slides

Kicking off with some core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth: AUM was up last week by 23.5%, totaling $229m. N$F were also up to $1.1m which is an inflow of 0.4% of AUM. Revenue was $58k last week ($3.1m annualized), up 10.5% week over week. Slides on the deck are not updated.

This week’s shoutout comes from @Pepperoni_Joe; he thanks @LemonadeAlpha for his commitment to having the tough conversations required to restructure the Coop as Index 2.0, and for “giving more to Index Coop than virtually anyone [Joe knows.]”

Community Nest @Pepperoni_Joe
They’re busy confirming Season 1 Nest Proposal and budget and ensuring synergy with Growth. Ops Pod has created a robust project management calendar on Notion, Talent Pod is working on a system to identify where our talent gaps are (focusing on more than smart contract engineers as we did in Q4), and Human Capital & Culture Pod are raising awareness on training opportunities for contributors. Also important is Community Pod’s work on optimizing the separation of Discord into one for Community and one for Contributors. Special thanks to @bradwmorris for being a “rockstar” (in the words of @Pepperoni_Joe) and @catjam for guiding collaboration between C.Nest and WIC. The Owl Pulse Survey will go live next week.

Finance Nest @ElliottWatts
Their Nest Proposal has been shared with the IC Council. They’re completed reviewing the Growth Nest and Community Nest and plan to deliver feedback on the proposals of Product Nest and Governance Nest by Wednesday. In terms of the Investment Account, we deployed $2.5m over Balancer and FEI USDC pools last week, each earning 18% and 13% annually. We’re in conversations to take on some debt as a DAO and hope to get a proposal on the forum in the next week.

Governance Nest @sixtykeys
They’re also working on proposal completion and budgeting. Meta-Governance Elections will come up soon, with 3 seats available on the Meta-Gov Committee for a term starting on March 1. Next week will be nominations (you may nominate yourself), and elections will happen the week after next. Cheers @ElliottWatts for his feedback during the proposal generation process and to @shawn16400 and @Pepperoni_Joe for summarizing the nest proposal process for Season 1. Check out the potential governance attack on [COMPOUND-84] TrueUSD Market Upgrades that Gov encourages you to vote “against.” Also, Badger Meta-Gov is on hold until Snapshot issues are resolved.

Growth Nest @dev
Thursday’s Community Call spotlighted Performance Marketing and SEO Pod (replay available here). Growth Nest has submitted the Season 1 proposal and budget to the F.Nest and ICC, and they’re working though feedback and comments. Some Pod highlights: BD is joining a coalition (appropriately deemed the “Poke Bowl”) to transform and drive SushiSwap forward (read about it here). UX is pushing to resource all tasks requiring engineers with internal folks. From Content, the Season 1 slate has been updated and we are in production mode. IB is meeting with a major US custodian interested in supporting full IC product suite. Finally, a reminder that the CFA Webinar on Decentralized Finance (starring @Metfanmike) will happen this Thursday at 4pm UTC.

Product Nest @DocHabanero
The Nest Proposal and budget is in final draft today. The Product Profitability Initiative was posted to the forum today; thank you to @JosephKnecht for pushing forward that collaborative proposal. The Liquidity Pod budget IIP passed; they’re working on aRgent integration and migration of user LP’s to Uni v3. Composite and Automated Indices Pods have been combined to ensure resources focus on the highest priority projects. Index Council member @Cavalier_Eth is transitioning to part-time at Index Coop. Lastly, 3 Polygon FLIs launch this week: iETH, MATIC, and iMATIC. From the Product Roadmap, 2 DG2 snapshots are planned for this week ($JPG & $PAY and $PINT), and a new product was posted, $P2E Gaming Index.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time
2030 - Women in Index’s Female Founders AMA with Maggie Love of SheFi

Daily DAOwlpha: “Being INTERESTED is more important than being INTERESTING. Interested people are prone to giving their deep attention to something to learn more about it. They ask questions, listen, and observe. They open up to the world around them. The interested inevitably win.”- @SahilBloom