The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.03 Thursday

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Today, Growth Nest’s meeting focused on 1 of its 9 pods, Performance Marketing & SEO. Recall that now-biweekly GovNest is on an off week.

Tomorrow, @TheYoungCrews hosts DeFridays with the Coop, this time with Reflexer Finance. As per, a POAP is available for all attendees. Remember, collect all 12 DeFriday POAPS and you’ll be rewarded. We’re ramping up Spaces: on Monday, we’ll host a conversation with Caitlin Cook of Onramp to discuss event/content planning for DeFi organizations (set a reminder here!).




Professional Owl Howling, AKA: SEO & Performance Pod

Growth Nest (29 attendees) slides

With 9 pods, Growth Nest has a lot to cover. They’re going to start Season 1 with deep dives into each pod. Today, Performance Marketing & SEO, led by @lee0007. They’re focused on 3 of the Nest’s objectives (of the AAARR Funnel): (1) awareness, (2) acquisition, and (3) retention and have 3 Pod objectives: (1) visibility, (2) authority, and (3) trust. Bounties will be available once the budget is finalized. The pod is working in 4 key areas:

SEO Content (30%)
The priority is on our product landing pages; we want to increase the number of pages we rank for in positions 1-10 and have ALL current Product Landing Pages appear as Featured Snippets (targeting keywords like “DPI,” “MVI,” “staking”) (Position 0) in the organic search ranking on Google. This will increase the number and percentage of organic searches that land on our website. (Specific baselines and end targets are available on the slides.)

Link Building (30%)
Follow links are the primary means to build page and domain authority over time. We also need to build backlinks, one of Google’s top three ranking factors. This involves identifying opportunities for data-wrangling to collate, organize, and prioritize ongoing opportunities and publisher outreach.

Technical SEO (20%)
This involves optimizing the infrastructure (sitemaps, page speed, URL structure, schema, site navigation, etc.) of the website so it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. There are currently differences between the SEO of the mobile and desktop and specific bounties will be set for each. As we release more products, technical SEO will need to be applied to each.

Paid Advertising (20%)
Paid ads are meant to increase audience size and engagement while minimizing costs. We will apply best practice to paid search accounts to test return on investment for paid acquisition. Advertising, paid search, display and remarketing will be tested to discover if these web2 drivers of awareness and acquisition can be successfully leveraged for web3 purposes. This will also include paid SEO link building opportunities to build Domain Authority. Display is primarily Google Display Network (GDN) with ongoing research and roll out of crypto specific paid links as identified by SEO competitor backlink analysis (~170). This requires input from Branding & Comms Pod and Design Pod.

Finally, website performance metrics are common across multiple pods within Growth Nest including Performance Marketing & SEO. We are aiming for an end-of-Season-1 (June) target of 500k website users (up from our current 44k), contingent on budget. If our website can convert 5% of 500k user on an average buy of $1000 we could increase AUM by 25 M. A key driver of SEO is views in the first week of a posting—this is a reminder to sign up for Owl Howls (the dabbing owl emoji) in the #notification-selection channel on Discord to get notified for future social blitzes.

Friday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1900 - ‘DeFridays with the Coop’ with Stefan Ionescu from Reflexer Finance (on Twitter Spaces)

DAOwlpha: “In Web2 the goal is to end with engagement. In Web3 the goal is to start with engagement. When you end with engagement, you maximize it at all costs regardless of quality. When you start with engagement, you choose carefully because it will be the foundation of your business.” - @OhhShiny

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