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Today, Growth Nest’s meeting outlined the Growth Nest Proposal for Season 1, 2022. GovNest meetings are biweekly and we are on an off week.

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Growth Nest gets down on one knee to propose…Season 1 metrics

Growth Nest (11 attendees) slides

The big topic of conversation was reviewing the Season 1 proposal posted this week.

Growth Nest has two primary objectives: (1) Increase the availability and accessibility of Index Coop products. (2) Generate global awareness and understanding of Index Coop products and brand.

The proposal submitted echoed these objectives and added key metrics for each of the nine pods. The proposal has been reviewed by the Index Council and the Finance Nest. Each one of the pods within Growth Nest has a team lead responsible for designing the strategy and managing the execution of the pod. Each team lead is responsible for managing flexible contributors.

The DeFi Business Development pod aims to increase accessibility and awareness of Index products through integrations and partnerships. A big point of emphasis is collaborations with other pods within the Growth Nest and outside nests as well. BD aims to create additional yield opportunities for IC products, increasing buyer retention. @Mringz emphasized the importance of wallet partnerships to encourage an easier user experience for onboarding. Treasury diversification for DAOs is another big initiative. Wallet integrations are one KPI, alongside TVL within DeFi Integrations and TVL of IC products in DAOs.

@Static121 from the Design Pod has already seen increasing collaboration between the pods in the nest structure leading to better-informed content and design decisions. Design has three main pillars: (1) Branding Strategy, (2) Supporting Product Launches, (3) YouTube Strategy. Design has an aggressive product launch roadmap for the season. YouTube is a challenging undertaking but presents a big opportunity. Design is working closely with the content pod.

The Growth Grant Program is designed to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives to support Growth Nest objectives. Language expansion grants will help fund non-English language growth through translations of content and social media initiatives.

The Institutional Business Pod led by @Metfanmike supports high-net-worth and institutional investors. Some big points of emphasis this season are growing the number of Tier-1 centralized exchanges supporting Index products, increasing education and awareness, and growing the list of global custodians for IC products. An interesting point of exploration is off-chain opportunities for investors who will not want direct exposure to DeFi or custodians, but still want access to IC products.

The Operations and Analytics Pod supports reporting, analysis, infrastructure, and events. They are looking to sponsor one Tier 1 event per season.

Performance Marketing aims to increase awareness, acquisition and retention through paid advertising and SEO while minimizing cost. @lee0007 mentioned the importance of driving traffic to the FLI products. Performance Marketing’s objectives and metrics revolve around website performance and visibility for product pages.

The UX and Analytics Pod manages analytics and measurement processes for Index Coop web properties. The success metrics are focused on engagement rate and time as well as users and number of visits. Full metrics can be found in the proposal.

The Content Pod drives growth to IC through high-quality written content. Some initiatives this season include one white paper published per quarter, eight blogs per month and a newsletter. The white paper is seen as a way to establish IC as a thought leader and increase awareness and education for potential investors. Success metrics are focused on meeting the content launch roadmap and monitoring open rates and views.

The Growth Nest invites anyone to leave comments and feedback on the proposal.

Friday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2100 - ‘DeFridays with the Coop’ with (on Twitter Spaces)

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