The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.04.14 Thursday

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On Wednesday, a lively Leadership Forum: Council updates including a Leadership Forum 3.0 plan followed by a presentation on Governance House. Today, Growth Nest talked attribution strategies.

Tomorrow, @TheYoungCrews hosts the final DeFridays tomorrow on Twitter Spaces at 11am PST with dYdX. POAPs given to all attendees, as per. Also look forward to the sCoop Weekly, where you’ll get a rundown of everything that’s happened in the Coop this week and learn where the Owls are flying next.


Forum Posts:

Bring down the [Governance] House

Leadership Forum slides

Council is up first. With @anthonyb.eth as Secretary, they’ve selected a Steward: @afromac, though the role may rotate throughout the term. We’re also looking to take the Leadership Forum in a middle-ground between what it was before Index 2.0 and now—it will be made more engaging and interactive, with the first half of the call designated to updates from the Council and the second half a discussion-based session from a Contributor. The topic is simply the one with the most upvotes on this Notion board. Go vote or suggest a topic.

Given recent discussion in the forum, we’re looking to nail down a policy on maintaining respectful discourse and positive Contributor culture. Community Nest is drafting a formal Respectful Discourse and Conflict Resolution framework. In the meantime, we’re doing a “3 strikes” rule—details on the slides. Key point: Keep debates about the issue, not the person.

Earlier this week, Set and 1kx dropped an open letter encouraging Index to clarify its vision and gameplan for a financial turnaround. The Council will submit a preliminary draft that answers to these needs in next week’s Leadership Forum. F.Nest and Analytics is preparing a Financial Plan and Projections.

Now, @Matthew_Graham is up to present Governance House.

First, let’s talk about the current state of metagov: 2 of 23 proposals of recent proposals have passed quorum (that’s 8.7%). Metagovernance lacks visibility and a use case.

So what is Governance House? It will be made up of members of Aave, Tribe, Balancer, Compound, Maker and Index Coop. Shilling points:

  • It’s a pro-ecosystem community that aims to solve voter apathy and drive innovation / growth across the industry.
  • It’s a group of people consisting of members from many of the leading DeFi names coming together to form a pro-ecosystem community which participates in governance across many communities.
  • It works with various communities to implement welcomed change to support the growth and adoption of various DApps, we call this Metagovernance as a Service.

Quickly, how it works:

Governance House can utilize Index Coop’s metagovernance influence along with delegate votes from other communities to actively participate in governance to help solve these problems:

  • Voter apathy
  • Submit welcome improvement proposals
  • Act as a guardian to help defend off governance attacks

Let’s talk risk: On a lending market, anyone can borrow governance power and support an attack. Governance House is more challenging and has additional checks than a typical proposal process. Additionally, it’s unlikely a bad actor will be able to successfully bribe both Governance House and a partner.

Think about it—Index Coop’s participation in Governance House is likely to go to a vote soon. Questions? DM @Matthew_Graham, throw them on the forum post, or text them into #governance-general.

Impressions → Engagement

Growth Nest | recording

The purpose of today’s call was to solve a problem. In DeFi, the buying and selling of our products happens overwhelmingly on others’ websites (DEXs, wallets, aggregators, etc.). So it’s tough to get analytics; how do we get attribution?

Today, Turgut (who’s worked with fellow Dream Team members @anthonyb.eth and @MrMadila) presented some data analysis that matches offchain data from social media & Google analytics with onchain data. Work on this will continue. A few early takeaways:

  • We may want to consider optimizing for engagement over impressions.
  • Growth resources get a lot more bang for our buck in bull markets.

Next steps:

  • Identify how other marketing channels impact $ flow.
  • Build an attribution model for customer journey.
  • Understand how to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Understand the impact of other related content, blogs, or referrals on N$F.
  • Build better technologies to understand market conditions on real-time basis.

Today’s presentation got pretty granular—watch the recording for specifics.

Tomorrow, join @TheYoungCrews at 2pm EST for the final DeFridays on Twitter Spaces, this time featuring dYdX. Only one POAP left to collect in the series—go get it!

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Legos on Twitter Spaces
1700 - Biweekly Standup
1900 - Alternative Governance

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Talks on Discord
1800 - Open MetaGov Strategy Planning Session

Daily TROWLpha: “crying and throwing up after learning Vitalik has to approve every single ethereum transaction” - @0xgaut



new bounties for reddit outreach & jpg nft community mgr should be posted in sCoop, surely as they come available
cc @Shawnzy @kindeagle @coolhorsegirl

here are current ones from @kindeagle’s sCoop Weekly

For Season 1, this section will be a place to surface specific talents needs and contributor opportunities for Nests & Pods. Contact @coolhorsegirl or @kindeagle to create a listing.

NFT Community Buildooor - Reach out to @TheYoungCrews for details about the opportunity

Talent Needs - Reach out to @bradwmorris/@Lfeld with Community Nest for helping fill gaps in your Pod/Nest

Impression Mining - Help spread awareness of Index Coop with product-related Social, Blog, and Video posts that can earn you $INDEX rewards. Learn more about the program

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