The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.04.12 Tuesday

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Today, Product Nest returned better than over with an agenda-style public call highlighting the Product Roadmap and inviting discussion from contributors and community members Coop-wide. Finance Nest held their weekly call, Money Talks, covering new updates and summaries of recent financial reports. Yesterday, Alternative Governance talked creating a framework for conflicts of interest.

Tomorrow, look forward to the Leadership Forum, featuring @Matthew_Graham on met-governance strategy and on Thursday, our weekly Community Welcome call and Growth Nest call.


Forum Posts

!!! Our new bounty board !!!

  • NFT Community Manager: We are looking for a rising star in the NFT-side of web3 to help us build out an emergent community around our upcoming $JPG NFT index. Please contact @theyoungcrews if you or someone you know would be a good fit.
  • Reddit Wizard: In search of a Reddit Wizard to create content and threads to help boost Reddit engagement. Check out this Discord thread for the beginnings of our Reddit strategy.

Contributors, hit up @Shawnzy if you’d like to add a bounty for your Nest/Pod. Interested bounty-takers, message @TheYoungCrews for further steps.

Ready, set, launch!

Product Checkpoint | slides | recording

This new meeting, called “Product Checkpoint,” will be Product Nest’s weekly public call. Product Nest will communicate Product Strategy, Product Roadmap and Liquidity Status to the community to ensure alignment across the organization. They’re looking for input from contributors in Growth, Community, Gov Ops, and Finance to raise awareness of potential opportunities and to have direct input on product strategy, and also to flag potential blockers and issues.

Key win: $icETH. It was launched a week ago today, and was the first product designed by Index Coop (@allan.g) AND 10x growth in the first week! We didn’t do liquidity mining incentives, so this is purely due to people liking our product. We more than 3x beat our last most successful product, ETH2x-FLI’s, first week. Check out the launch overview here.

Key initiatives: Some highlights: product retirement strategies, a partner program (also suggested by Set/1kx’s Open Letter, and clean-up items like information revamps to both our website and other sites (example: we do not want outdated info on Coingecko).

Our Product Roadmap includes 4 upcoming products estimated for launch by the end of May: JPG, MNY, SOCIAL, and FIXED. Remember, product launches are not guaranteed until they’re in development (meaning JPG and MNY are guaranteed thus far) and the roadmap is subject to change. Get excited for $JPG, the NFT Index coming very, very soon.

Next up is @MrMadila with updates from Liquidity Pod. icETH has found liquidity “market fit” as in other LPs have come in to do heavy lifting. Our treasury is providing $450k for medium-long-term support, and they’re preparing for deployment to zk<>zigzag<>argent. For JPG, we will deploy $200k, up from the initial $100k, split evenly between a full range G-UNI pool (aka the retail pool) and a narrow range G-UNI pool. Liquidity details on MNY, FIXED, and SOCIAL are also available on the slides.

The technical roadmap, led by @afromac. We’re using the tool Monday to split products into 3 categories of development: a product requirement (requirements for a product before launch), product enhancement (post-launch updates), and infrastructure updates (updates at the protocol level). We rank each in low-medium-high priority confidence.

Transparency, transparency, transparency

Alternative Governance | relevant document: COID

From Alt Gov: “We need a COID process to better ensure that we’re not biased by our conflicts when making decisions, and to reduce the risk of unethical influence.” They agree that a Conflicts of Interest Disclosure would benefit contributors, customers, and Index Coop as a whole, and they created Conflicts of Interest Disclosure (COID). Check out the doc, FAQs, and read a bit into the history of attempted COID at Index (starting with this proposal).

The goal of the COID is to create a simple, light-weight and transparent format for contributors to identify potential conflicts and avoid future tensions as we grow as a DAO and continue to build and strengthen ecosystem partnerships. This idea will likely be delegated to Community Nest, specifically HC&C Pod. Discussion is vibrant in the #alternative-governance channel in the Contributor Server; feel free to add your thoughts there.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1900 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2000 - Growth Nest
2000 - Community Welcome

Daily OWLpha: “Many DAOs are still in the honeymoon phase / Coasting along on vibes + excitement / The real test of strength comes when shit gets hard and tensions are high” - @chaserchapman



Can I get clarification on the time stamp here please for meetings

What time is the leadership call based on UTC 0?

The Leadership Forum is weekly at 18:00 UTC.

For further help for those in the States, this is 11 am PST, 12pm CDT, and 1pm EST. It is 4am on Thursday for our friends in APAC, Sydney timezone (PT). :slight_smile: