The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.04.21 Thursday

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On Wednesday, we talked Owl Levels in the Leadership Forum and the Council updated us on response to our investors’ Open Letter followed by Community Nest’s presentation on Owl Level discussion. On Thursday, Gov Nest and Growth Nest held their open calls, Gov talking Alt Gov integration and Growth talking branding.

No meeting tomorrow or on Monday. Tomorrow, though, you can look forward to the sCoop Weekly, where you’ll get a rundown of everything that’s happened in the Coop this week and learn where the Owls are flying next.


Forum Posts:

Bounty Board

Let’s make it happen, Owls

Leadership Forum slides

JPG has launched! With it, we dropped an NFT collection called Collectooors (with a current floor price of 69 ETH :eyes:). And SongadayMann made us a song.

Council reported next. Nest leads have been selected:

  • Growth: Dev
  • Governance: Mel
  • Community: Brad
  • Finance: Matt
  • Product: Cormac & Ed

We also discussed what kind of Council we want as we gradually respond to Set and 1kx’s Open Letter. @afromac gave an inspirational speech, with the core point true as ever: The community is full of leaders. And it’s time to step up. We want to define who we are as Index Coop, double-down on financial sustainability, and improve our relationships. To do this, we’re developing a vision and strategy, a detailed financial plan, and creating a Relationship Pod. Questions arose around full-time versus flexible compensation. If you wanna talk about this or something else, go vote on the Leadership Forum Agenda Queue.

@bradwmorris is up to lead discussion on Owl Levels. Let’s put it simply: We have a collective decision making problem. How do we build context/trust and extract collective intelligence before pushing to a binary vote? Well, we’re gonna use Hivewise, a tool spun out of the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT. Our goals with defining Owl Levels are simple: to create a clear progression path while recognizing context and impact. With that, questions arise, like “Who decides Owl Levels?” and “Should Owl Levels be linked to compensation and voting?”

If you’d like to get involved (it’s easy), just drop your email in #owl-level-framework. Go onto Hivewise (following instructions sent to you in a DM), select an answer, and upvote/downvote answers you agree/disagree with. Community Nest will take the data, share the results, and action the Owl Level Framework based on the responses.

A delicious smoothie of Governance and Alt Governance

Governance Nest | slides

Update on Alternative Governance recent handoff: The Snapshot framework is incredibly easy, but distributing NFTs through Unlock has proven more difficult, as it’s one address at a time. Keep trucking, @mel.eth. He’s getting the Snapshot space set up for “v0.1 testing,” which may not be perfect but it’ll be something. Adjustments will follow.

Currently, voter participation is at 12% for IIPs and 1.7% on MetaGov. Gov Nest is ramping up targeted delegation efforts to increase participation above quorum. With that is the Governance Model for JPG, an interesting peek into the direction we seem to be heading: methodologist liaisons/gov pods?

From GovComs: Lotta reviews happening. They’ve reviewed the Owl Pulse Survey and they’re working in the Discord to assign action items to results. They’re also going over the retro from V2 Council elections in preparation for the next one complete by the end of May. Check out their entire project timeline here.

Finally, steps to becoming a SubDAO. Gov is putting together a forum post presenting options and a formal problem statement based on Coop-wide research, then they’ll field a workshop to gain a soft consensus. Keep in mind that a SubDAO model could be an upgrade from a nesting model, but we’ll save talk of a potential Index 3.0 for the future.

Branding is On Brand

Growth Nest | recording

Branding, Comms, and Social Media Pod is on brand with the most beautifully crafted slide deck Index Coop has ever seen.

Up are @caf and @Static121. Keep in mind our current vision: Create decentralized financial products that unlock prosperity for everyone. We’re on a mission to make Index Coop a world-class brand. This means we need a clear and aligned vision of who we’re selling to, what greater purpose we are pursuing, and where we want to be in 2-5 years.

Our underlying brand values:

  • Simplicity
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Integrity

What do our customers want?

  • Prosperity
  • Financial freedom
  • To get rich
  • To preserve and build financial wealth

Now, Index Coop branding. Our potential customers have to be able to understand what we do and how we can help them within the first 30 seconds of visiting our landing pages. Something like this header:

Access crypto themes, leverage, and yield.
Index Coop makes product that simplify access to the best strategies in DeFi.

As we think about more theoretical stuff like that, we look at our North Star(s): our products. We’ve been building out high-res 3D renders, developing a color scheme (white, black, and that light aqua you may recognize from icETH), and making mood boards. Our products that are red (ahem, GMI) or otherwise off-what is now the brand are sunk costs, but that’s alright. We’ve got a bright future in that department led by Branding, Comms, and Socials Pod.

Same time next week, we’re talking Branding Part 2. See ya then.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC)
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