Updates to Weekly Standup - Feedback Requested

Hi Owls –

Weekly Standup meetings on Mondays have been a long-standing tradition at the Coop – started by Set, then led by @BigSky7, and recently passed to me to facilitate. Most of the feedback I’ve collected on this meeting is that it is a valuable way to understand what’s being worked on across the Coop, and identify things that need further follow-up outside of the meeting.

That said, as we evolve into the Nest/Pod structure, this meeting format is due for an update! I previously considered modifying the existing structure from Working Groups → Pods, so that every Pod would give a weekly update. Unfortunately, we have too many Pods for this to be feasible in an hour, and I don’t think it would be wise to extend the meeting further.

Instead, I propose that we ask Nest leaders to give an update each week to cover the ongoing and planned work in their team. I propose we leave the structure open-ended (vs the this week/last week/shoutout structure we did previously). Those leaders should feel free to take 5-7 minutes and 1-4 slides to cover their updates, as well as an optional Pod spotlight.

Pod spotlights do not need to be used each week, and should be used to communicate important milestones, new strategy, high-impact launches, etc that impact the wider Coop outside of their Nest. A Pod Leader would likely be responsible for presenting these, and again the slide structure would be left to their judgement.

One thing I’d like to add to this meeting is a contributor shoutout – I think this can help build our culture and build on the great tradition of each WG doing a shoutout in the previous format. Each week, one contributor will shoutout another contributor who has helped them or done something great the previous week. The contributor who was shouted out this week will be responsible for shouting out someone else the following week.

Here’s a link to a proposed updated template: New template - Index Coop Weekly Planning - Google Slides

Would love to hear feedback/thoughts/ideas!


Hi @catjam,

Thank you for bringing this up.

I tend to think Nest Leads/Coordinators (heads of departments in the non DAO world) should be presenting at the Weekly Planning calls. The Nest Leads should really be able to talk to and field all questions relating to a planning conversation.

Keeping the contributors shout out is a great idea. Each Nest should be seeking to highlight success and give praise wherever possible.

Floating something here, would be interesting to see what other think. If we want to put culture front and centre, we can add a slide about diversity/openness and core values, something warm and welcoming before then rolling into introductions. I think around 5-7 mins on the initial slide and introductions is pretty good and would kick off the meeting with the right tone.

I would really like to see each Nest starting to share OKRs and performance tracking feedback, so the community can see very easily what is going well and what needs attention. OKRs are a huge feature of the Nest structure and just publicly reporting on these will create visibility and accountability. We should also see a flavour shine through between what is planned for the week ahead and be able to see the link to the OKRs. This will help keep us focused on achieving our North Stars.


gm @catjam ,

Building on Matt’s comments, I’d recommend presenting the OKR’s in a red-amber-green dashboard so we can quickly see what’s tracking/lagging according to plan. I think a RAG dashboard would be particularly useful for newcomers and cross-functions who might not have enough context to interpret the OKR numbers. It would also create a safe format which doesn’t exist currently to present critical issues.


Thanks for the feedback @Matthew_Graham ! I definitely agree on the Nest leads as core presenters. Also love the focus on OKRs, agree with you and @JosephKnecht that these would be super helpful to review weekly. Tactically speaking, do we have a standard format that each nest is using for these? And will each Nest have OKRs?

We do have a slide on core values already :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll do a better job highlighting it!