The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.26 Wednesday

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BD working group held their final meeting before rejoining IB and the rest of the Growth Nest. With Index 2.0 it’s a different structure, but the goal of #20TVL remains the same. Engineering, Product, and Finance provided some updates and insights into their objectives in 2022.

On Thursday, the good work of Gov Ops WG kicks off the day followed up by BD Office Hours in Discord. Design Pod gets together for the bi-weekly DOWLoff followed by a $LAYER1 Community Call. Next, we welcome and show around new community members to give them the sCoop about our products on the Community Welcome Call. And the day finishes off with Growth Nest.



Product | Community:

Don’t Stop Believin’

Business Development (22 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth

@Miza started off the call apologizing for angering the web3 cyborg bears and we all forgave him for his error. We’re all HODLing our indices, apeing into FTM or tax-loss harvesting some positions, so emotional breakdowns with this group during intro question time.

As we move into the Index 2.0 structure, BD will move from a working group to a pod within Growth Nest. And @Mringz is helping facilitate a smooth transition so we can consolidate efforts with partnerships and integrations.

So today was the final standalone BD weekly meeting and will take part in the larger Growth Nest weekly call and be incorporated as a part of Growth’s Weekly Standup deliverable. Weekly BD Office Hours will continue every Thursday in the Discord, so be sure to stop by to connect and chat.

@Mringz and @funkmasterflex touched on the ways the compensation formula will be structured for both protocol introductions & DAO treasury relations. This is still in the works with Growth and a high priority to clarify so contributors have a clear understanding of how compensation is tied to delivering on objectives.

Being in situated within Growth Nest will help foster a closer working relationship and help develop a content strategy for products and integrations. Developing valuable content pieces to educate current and potential customers about our products and how integrations make them even better is a huge opportunity.

With Dharma’s acquisition, a push to reduce the number of steps from fiat to our products will be a key area of focus moving forward. A potential partnership with ETH & L2 wallet Argent, who utilize zkSync, and Rainbow as briefly discussed. Developing and nurturing relationships with partners to help our products gain additional yield and utility, like Vesper, will continue.

Always a fan of boomer memes and tunes, @Miza closed out the meeting with Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ as he and everyone got out their lighters and looked forward to the bright future ahead.

2022 Roadmap - Engineering, Product, Finance, People/Culture

Leadership Forum (32 attendees) | Slides

@edwardk led of Leadership Form showing us how far the engineering team at Index has come since September 2021. What was a team of 3 skilled technical operators is now: Edward - Lead, @0xModene leading Apps with 4 part-time contributors and @ncitron leading Smart Contracts with 3 contributors @ 50% (@christn @blockdev @FlattestWhite) Quite a lot of onboarding and upskilling taking place.

While EWG continues to have a fruitful relationship with Set and their engineering staff, we are less reliant on them to build and launch our products. The current relationship is not permissionless, but Ediward does see a number of degrees of freedom to innovate and a gradual build in the strength of our engineering team

@Matthew_Graham & @ElliottWatts spoke about the funding crunch and challenges that have occurred around funding not flowing from the Treasury to the Operations account. Timing and responsiveness has been less than ideal which has created issues.

Along with funding contributions by the community, a more centralized wallet would enable us to respond in moments of crisis, smooth operations, and use our funds more productively.

@DocHabanero outlined the Composite Product Strategy with a goal of TVL $1B and $1M per month of profile by year-end 2022. This will be achieved by:

  • Focusing on products with high demand
  • Maimixing product profitability
  • Developing a roadmap of technical capabilities

Market segments we’re building products for include: Passive Retail Investors ($DPI, $MVI, $BED, $DATA, $GMI), Passive institutional investors ($DPI, $DATA, $MVI), Active investors ($FLI), Treasuries ($PAY). Developing a solid L1/L2 strategy with some solid numbers and cutoffs for consideration was discussed along with the # of protocols and # of wallets.

The ultimate goal for 2022 is $1B in AUM and $1M monthly profit by launching 18 products.

@Vanita introduced the group to a number of initiatives around conflict management and developing a framework to self-manage resolution and seek redressal when necessary.

This will occur through:

  • Upskilling workshops that allow the community to develop soft skills and be self-sufficient in conflict resolution
  • Conflict Management Process that allows the community to reach out/flag conflicts to a dedicated resolution team where additional support or guidance may be required to resolve

Be sure to check out the recent forum post and leave your comment, suggestions and feedback.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Nest
1600 - BD Office Hours
1700 - Design Pod Bi-Weekly
1800 - $LAYER1 Community Call
1900 - Community Welcome Call (EU/US)
2000 - Growth Nest Community Call

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