Calling All Owls 📯: Standup Leader Handover

Hi Owls🦉,

Since the very first days of the Coop, the Weekly Standup call has been a staple of our community. Every Monday, the entire DAO gathers to introduce new members, share important updates, and plan for the coming week. This is our most important call and ensures that we are all on the same page for the week.


Over the first 7 months of the Coop’s life, this call was led by the incredible @gregdocter. His humility, energy, and strong character set an incredible standard for our community during these calls. We all owe Greg a huge debt of gratitude for his incredible work during these months and his constantly uplifting spirit.

This summer Greg transitioned his focus to other areas of the community and I assumed the role of hosting the weekly stand-up. Over the past 6 months, it has been a true honor to lead the weekly standup. Every week I am more impressed by the incredible passion and energy of our community.

After this week I will be handing over the Weekly Standup Call to another community member. I’m excited and humbled to see so many leaders emerging across the Coop and I believe that it is time to give another community member the chance to lead this call.


@catjam is a great leader for the Coop. She sets an amazing example for all Owls to emulate. I am extremely confident that she will make an excellent Standup Leader.

Please join me in wishing her a warm welcome as Standup Leader!:partying_face::partying_face:


Thanks @BigSky7 – grateful for your stewardship of this meeting over the past 6 months! Big shoes to fill, though looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your leadership @BigSky7. Your enthusiasm for the Coop and it’s members is infectious (in a good way) :slight_smile: .

Looking forward to seeing @catjam move from Discord community leader to running the show as Standup Leader. Congrats.


Woohoo! Thanks @gregdocter for everything you do and have done and excited to see the standup baton handed to @catjam :handshake: