Amendment to Impression Mining & Submissions

As we enter Q3 there are some slight tweaks to the impression mining initiative and the required format for submissions.

Due to the success of the scheme, and in order to maintain its sustainability the rate of $10 per 1,000 Twitter impressions will now be reduced to $8.

Submissions format
For those already familiar the process is very similar. In order to assist GWG’s efforts to analyze the initiative’s effectiveness, GWG now request all submissions to be submitted in CSV. file format where possible. (Once downloaded there is no need to sort or filter any data, just upload the file as you would any other on the forms)

For those unfamiliar please review the original posts by searching “Impression Mining” in the forum search function.

A guide for twitter if required is set out below. :point_down:

If you miss a submission cycle just increase the date range to cover the period from your last submission. (Max 1 month)

Please contact @LemonadeAlpha on discord for general IM’ing queries or myself with regards to submission format.

Thank you

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