Retroactive Impression Mining Community Airdrop

Hey Index Coop advocates, I want to give you all some INDEX. This post builds on ‘impression mining’.

By turning every Index Coop member into a micro-brand, the Coop can meaningfully increase the surface area and volume of messaging around our products and community.

We track impressions because it is the stage of the acquisition funnel where we have the most visibility. We expect meaningful increases in impressions to drive meaningful increases in bottom of funnel metrics – holders and unincentivized supply (e.g. some % of these impressions convert).

To kick off the program I’d like to airdrop you rewards for any advocating done over the past couple weeks and months!

How it works:

Collecting your impressions is easy. Simply go back the last 50 days (From the beginning of March) and gather any Twitter post promoting Index Coop or its products which garnered at least 1,000 impressions.

Quick Start Guide for checking impression count:

  1. find tweets you believe have >1,000 impressions

  2. Check impression count (see below)

  3. Screenshot tweet and impression count

  4. Submit → here

Getting Paid

  • We’ll pay you $10/1000 impressions up to a certain threshold ($10k maximum per member per month).

  • Some months, we’ll add multipliers to certain types of tweets (i.e. +20% for MVI during launch month)

  • Going forward, we’ll ask that you provide weekly submissions for the impression mining program by EOD Mondays for tracking purposes.

  • Any Coop member receiving a pre-determined stipend by the Coop or on a vesting program is not eligible for rewards

For any questions or comments please reach out to myself (Lemonade) on Discord or at


Really looking forward to the analysis later on what type of content seems to drive the most impressions!

FYI I think this is a lot easier to do in one screen dump via desktop :point_down:

Note: you can sort by exact time span etc (Jan 10 - Mar 1 for the above btw)

@LemonadeAlpha can you confirm? Don’t want to mess with your flow…


This is a great growth initiative @LemonadeAlpha.

Would it be easier for submitter and you to share screenshot of tweet analytics and not links to tweets as well? Sharing the links seems to add work then the impressions data screenshot is what you care about most.

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can you give more precision about that please ? doesn’t it need to be a constructive tweets or a “shilling tweet” like: $INDEX up 20% :partying_face:, or a RT of your post … are also taken into account ?

Has to be our tweets or any tweets?

@MrMadila @DevOnDeFi Great catch, will amend the form going forward.

@Cryptouf typically we’ll want to err on promoting Index Coop products and community and not the price of INDEX, iiuc RTs of other tweets that are not yours don’t give you impressions.

@pvmihalache They’ll need to be your tweets

Submitted my form but my issue is that Twitter is just a less used account. My numbers are coming on Publish0x, where I am spreading the word about Index

:joy: :joy: on Publish0x, most people don’t read !

Click, scroll , Click. Enjoy the tip…repeat !..

And is Twitter any better? Opening a page and skip reading involves more involvement than scrolling across a never ending list of trending tweets