Impression Mining Submissions | 4/25-5/2

Hey Owls :owl:,

Every week I’ll be collecting your impression mining receipts and disbursing Index rewards.

Please aim to have your submissions in on Mondays (yesterday in this case), but we will accept them up to Wed. If you miss a weekly impression mining submission, Tag @NFTZakk in the Impression Mining channel on Discord

How it works:

Collecting your impressions is easy. Simply go back the last 7 days (Monday to Sunday) and gather any Twitter/Blog/Video post promoting Index Coop or its products which garnered at least 1,000 impressions/reads/views.

Quick Start Guide for checking impression count:

  1. find tweets you believe have >1,000 impressions
  2. Check impression count (see below)
  3. Screenshot tweet and impression count
  4. Submit → Here

Getting Paid

Social Impressions (e.g. Twitter) - $10 / 1k impressions

Video Content (e.g. Youtube, Twitter Video) - $50 / 1k views

Editorial Content (e.g. Blog posts) - $100 / 1k reads

(Please note rates have been amended since initial program)

  • Any Coop member receiving a pre-determined stipend by the Coop or on a vesting program is not eligible for rewards
  • Some months, we’ll add multipliers to certain types of tweets (i.e. +20% for MVI during launch month)

Hey! This looks to be working really well! Question for clarification: does it matter what language content is in?