GWG II May Progress Report

Hello owls :owl:

May was a busy month for the GWG. We launched BTC2x-FLI, kicked off impression mining with a bang, and began to spin up verticals within growth.


Q1 Growth Analysis & Q2 Growth Strategy
Q2 Growth Strategy Call 4/29 [Video Recording]

Q2 Hypotheses + Initiatives

:bird: Improve tracked Twitter impressions from ~400k/wk → ~2m/wk

  • May: ~750k/week (37.5% to goal) Reflection: Perhaps targetting 500-1000% QoQ growth was a tad aggressive and trying too hard to be splashy :sweat_smile:. The goal is probably not attainable this quarter–even with further optimization; but I am happy to see the increases and will look to add more full-time support to official Twitter account to further them. Twitter continues to be our gold standard channel. 1.6 million impressions from official account highlighted by @codemathics BTC2x-FLI launch video.

  • Impression Mining: The first month of impression mining exceeded my high-end expectations and produced 1.1m impression receipts. A huge shout out to @Crypto_Texan, AcceleratedCapital, & MrMadila for their exceptional results over the month. h/t to NFTZach for processing.

Tracked Twitter Impressions
*Impression Mining tracking begins in March, Lemonade in January

:writing_hand: Improve blog/Medium content → 1 post/wk

:performing_arts: Improve Paid impressions from 0/wk → 250k/wk

  • May: 28k/week (11.2% to goal) Reflection: Only ran DeFiant Newsletter ad for DPI in May, which will interrupt in June and pick up July-September. Coingecko DeFi page ads and Decrypt DeFi sponsorship coming online in June to bring totals for quarter well above goal.

:earth_americas: Expand Social Channels & Geography

  • Weibo & WeChat channels established. A huge shout out to @Tudou and @mrvls_brkfst for their efforts in getting this set up. Beyond China, Language Ops translated BTC-FLI launch article into multiple languages.

:speaking_head: Product Marketing

  • Completed 5 customer interviews with >$100k in DPI holdings with Miles. Two personas have been drafted, and he is in the process of developing messaging statements to validate with a 2nd round of interviewees.

:computer: Marketing/Website Tech

  • Led primarily by @DefiJesus and @DevOnDeFi, the selections for website technology have largely been made, including the standing up of Webflow for marketing site and landing pages and GetResponse for email marketing. The first landing page was stood for institutional investors:

  • In addition, @Benji has also been doing some great data wrangling and automation work to make our referral system more robust. We are quickly approaching the ability to run a pilot.


Impression Mining - 222 INDEX
Influencer airdrops - 135 INDEX
Zerion Promotion Correction - 33.4 INDEX
DPI Interviews - 25 INDEX
Boardroom promo - 6 INDEX
Sold for ETH - 445 INDEX
-for Multisend Transaction Gas, General Gas, DeFiant Podcast (forthcoming ad unit) $2500, Coingecko DeFi Page (forthcoming ad unit) $6800

Total: 866.4 INDEX


Great update @LemonadeAlpha.
Given the ice bear market crush recently, I’d say new Twitter followers and Twitter impressions is really solid.
Much of the other stuff, like content and referral program infra, is coiling the spring to explode in time.
Thanks for posting.

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