The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.15 Monday

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Today we just had a light Weekly Stand-up with @catjam behind the wheel. With Institutional Business on a bye-week, Analytics will hold the only Working Group meeting tomorrow with an onboarding workshop, Wizardry, TOC Tea Time, and a New Joiner Feedback call rounding out the day for the Western Hemisphere. The governance forum has been active of late with several broad organizational initiatives working through simultaneously. Be sure to check announcements in the coming days and keep those Owl eyes sharp.


Product Spotlight:

Weekly Stand Up (39 attendees) slides
This week we saw some inflow into MVI and some continued outflow from DPI in keeping with overall market trends; that said the product pipeline is looking robust. Another week with three product-IIPs up for vote; all DG1 this round. @jujube invited us all to the speed-networking event this Thursday hosted in lieu of the typical WIC meeting; a great opportunity to learn about and from some other Owls here in The Coop, perhaps even some contribution opportunities.

PWG and EWG have been pushing forward at pace lately with about 10 products at various stages of the onboarding process. @Abel over at the Composite Indices Pod noted that the fee-split menu is going to get standardized and @afromac highlighted that the RAPID decision making process first highlighted by @dylan has been very effective at driving complex decision-making. @edwardk noted that an integration with 0x to offer exchange issuance is underway, and the liquidity analysis tool is being upgraded to more of a rebalance tool including gas costs. With Wizardry up to 10 active developers the EWG onboarding pipeline is looking solid with credit to @blockdev on the level-up.

Growth and Marketing (along with other corners of The Coop; Pod incoming?) have been working on educational content and asked that official @indexcoop content be retweeted with quote-tweets being most effective (and potentially getting you those sweet impression-mining rewards); otherwise the Twitter Space hosted by @Alks4778, @MrMadila and @Metfanmike on Friday was a success and will be held weekly.

Language Ops is now translating into Italian and Indonesian! DWG reminds everyone to USE THE DESIGN REQUEST FORM (seriously folks, @Static121’s DMs are stacking up and the form will get your ish done faster) and is working on the foundational video assets that will blow the tap wide-open for video content in the next couple weeks.

@Mringz highlighted the excitement around the Beta Finance vote and got our Owl ears perked when mentioning that a new methodology is expected to hit the forum in the next couple days. @fallow8 noted that Institutional Business is on a bi-weekly off-week tomorrow but are busy working on a large US exchange listing, an off-chain offering, and shepherding some lawyers through some SEC dodgeball. APAC closed us out noting their BD<>APAC sync is tomorrow (tonight in a few hours for you west-hemi Owls).

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APWG || Business Development
1600 - Analytics WG
1900 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1900 - Onboarding 3.0 Workshop
2000 - TOC Tea Time (discord: [ TOC Tea Time :coffee: ] )
2200 - New Joiner Feedback
OOO: @jdcook: Nov 10-23, @emault Nov 13-19, @fallow8 Nov 17, 24-26, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched), @mel.eth Nov 25 - Dec 2 (Reduced Avail. Thanksgiving/DCentral), @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10 (@pujimak_in covering Weekly), @0xModene Dec 3-6, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

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