Can't connect to trustwallet

I am trying to connect my trust wallet to dapp. It uses walletconnect, and what seems like every other time I try to connect, I can get error “session can’t be null on connection open” and then sometimes “error invalid wallet connect uri” too. The next time I try to connect, it redirects me to the right page that says " index wants to connect to your wallet." I click connect and get redirected to walletconnect page showing “Index”, page I am connected to, address, network. I cannot get back to dapp from here. If I try, I see my wallet is connected for just a moment before the page refreshes. Then not connected anymore. Wallet Connect does not accept bug reports from non-devs; they just refer you to wallet or app. I would appreciate any ideas you have on how to fix this. Thanks.

Hi @blubski, we use Discourse primarily for product proposals, working group updates and governance functions.

You can get help for this issue in our Index Coop Discord channel: Index Coop