Index Website Upgrade Preview

Hey owls :owl: From the discussions in the governance, dev call, and forum discussions, we’ve been working on an updated website that focuses on funneling users to buy DPI and becoming an Index Coop member.

With this, Etienne and I have been working on an updated spec and design that you can view here:

You’ll already be able to see some of the updates coming together on the site if you look at the Index site’s home page with more features currently being built now.

Rollout Phases
The rollout phases are divided into 2 main phases, with a potential 3rd phase if there is a significant feature we want to release with the 3rd phase.

  1. Phase 1
    a. Home page updates - The home page will display information about the Coop, with the main CTA to lead into the DPI page.
    b. Product details pages - The product details pages will give insight into the DPI and INDEX tokens, showing price information, components, descriptions, and eventually allow users to buy and sell using the buy/sell widget on the side.
  2. Phase 2
    a. Buy/Sell - The buy/sell feature should allow users to buy Index products from the product details pages without the need to navigate to other sites.
    b. Personal Dashboard - The personal dashboard will be a one stop shop to see the details of a user’s Index portfolio.
    c. About Us Page - The About Us page will have information about what the Index Coop is and help prospect members understand the goals of Index.

These features should be a good starting point for the community to funnel users to the site, and have them go through the user journey of essentially having them know nothing about Index, to eventually converting as a buyer, the classic consideration > exploration > comparison > conversion flow.

Phase 1 Deliverables
Phase 1 has entered the technical implementation phase led by @dylan @asoong and @justin. We’re thinking we can get most of phase 1 done by the end of next week, and we’ll keep the community updated on the progress of phase 1 as it keeps getting built out, and if any changes to the timeline come up.

Here are the designs for the updated site. They should reflect what will go into the phase 1 implementation for the site.
Home page

Product Page - DPI

Product Page - INDEX

With that, Phase 1 is well on its way. We’ll provide updates to the progress as time goes on and make another post when we start moving on to Phase 2 of development. Cheers owls :beer:


Looks solid.

I would remove the emojis (owl, sun, moon, etc).
How about a slick logo instead of the owl?



Looks good to me. I can see you have been busy

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I am really digging it!

I just mentioned this in a different thread, but any chance the browser wallet connection is getting addressed? It seems to be a theme as I feel like > 95% of any defi-related web apps I visit all produce the same result - whenever a page changes, or a browser reloads, I have to reconnect my wallet. I assure you that doesn’t have to be this way though. I’ve personally implemented user interfaces that keep persistent connections to whatever wallet the user logs in with. There’s no reason that the indexcoop page needs to lack this ability. Even if the user leaves the page for a minute or so and then returned, the wallet connection should be able to pick up where it left off (granted that the user is in the same browser window that hasn’t been closed, or that an extended period of time hasn’t passed).

I know that there are current devs leading the re-development of the site but if this is something that I would be able to help out with by integrating, then I would be happy to do so. it’s not like it would take a substantial amount of effort as I could port code over from previous projects.

Let me know your thoughts as i’m definitely interested!

Whatever the case though, I am loving the re-design so much thanks to all involved! I’m definitely excited to see this coop grow tho, not to mention watch new killer features get rolled out. :smirk: :sunglasses: