Conflict of Interest Disclosure Group (COID Group) [Contributor Vote]


Index Coop is implementing a Conflict of Interest Disclosures (COIDs) process. The aim is to provide a more consistent and transparent process for COIDs as a foundation for better COI management. The process entails Coop contributors having their COID on file and being able to control the visibility of that COID. You can read more about the disclosure process here.

A group of contributors will be required to manage the more sensitive aspects of the disclosure process. Namely, access to a private folder that only the COID group will have access to.

Remit and Responsibility

The COID Group has two sole responsibilities:

(1) to receive COIDs sent to the COID Group email address and place those in the COID Group-only folder

(2) to convey to Council the existence (but not the content) of any COIs with evidence of ill intent. The COID Group has no role in COI management as the Coop does not currently have a COI management policy.

Composition and term length

The COID Group will have three members. Members will serve until a seconded motion from the contributor community to recompose the Group. At that point, there would be another election to recompose the group. If a member steps down, a nominee will be directly appointed if a member steps down unless there is a seconded motion for a new composition vote.

Compensation and time commitment

We expect the time exposure to be ~1 hour/month. The Community Nest will fund the COID Group member effort.


Nominees only need to provide their names, and there is no nomination statement. Before taking their assignment, members shall post a pledge to confidentiality on the forum.

The vote will be by the contributor community and will be one person = one vote (as opposed to Owl-weighted). All contributors identified as such each season will be eligible to vote.

The COID Group vote will be conducted on the Index Coop DAO snapshot space using the ranked-choice voting system.
Voting will begin on Thursday at 1800UTC and run for 72 hours to Saturday at 1800UTC.

The five following contributors have self-nominated for the COID Group and will be up for vote:
@kindeagle @prairiefi @Hammad1412 @mrvls_brkfst @JosephKnecht

For any further questions about the COID Process or COID Group, reach out to @JosephKnecht on Discord.
If you require any assistance with voting or voter eligibility, please reach out to @sixtykeys or @mel.eth on Discord.


GM Owls -


The elected members of the COID committee are @kindeagle, @Hammad1412, and @prairiefi. Thank you to all candidates and voters for your service and commitment!

cc: @sixtykeys