Owl Levels for Season 1


There was confusion over the standing of some contributors wrt Metal Owl Level and contributor status during the last election.

The below list reflects the list circulated on 07 March 2022 in this post, as well as adjustments made via forum comment to the S1 GovNest post here.

Key Action

Nest Leads and Index Council to review and comment; GovNest will post the complete list ahead of the snap election.

Nest Contributor Owl Level
Community Catjam Gold
Community Crypto Texan Gold
Community Hammad Silver
Growth Crews Silver
Community Eduardo Silver
Growth KindEagle Silver
Community Mary Q Silver
Community Chase Silver
Community Stepvhen Silver
Community Funkmaster Silver
Community CoolHorseGirl Silver
Community Lauren Bronze
Community Vanita Bronze
Product jackiepoo#0001 Silver
Product Don | ETH to 10k#3452 Silver
Product jdcook#7279 Bronze
Product OA Gold
Product Joseph Gold
Product Allan Gold+
Product Ahuja Bronze
Product Alerex Silver
Product Abel Silver
Product Seb Silver
Product Abacas Bronze
Product JD🕶#4997 Silver
Product teddy#3693 Bronze
Product MAK |:owl::european_castle:#1249 Bronze
Product palmtreepete#6193 Bronze
Governance sixtykeys Silver
Governance Lavi Bronze
Governance Puncar Bronze
Governance Shawn16400 Silver
Governance Asira Bronze
Community Pepperoni_Joe Gold+
Community Beeradley Gold+
Community Mitzy Gold+
Finance Matthew Graham Gold+
Finance PrairieFi Gold+
Finance Elliott Gold+
Governance Mel Gold+
Growth Metfanmike Gold+
Growth Lemonade Gold+
Growth Dev Gold+
Growth Mringz Gold+
Growth Marshmellow Gold+
Growth Andrew Gold+
Growth Renee Gold+
Growth Caf Gold+
Growth Static121 Gold+
Product Noah Gold+
Product Christian Gold+
Product FlattestWhite Gold+
Product Ed Gold+
Product Blockdev Gold+
Product Modene Gold+
Product Cav Gold+
Product Miles Gold+
Product Afromac Gold+
Product Anthony Bowman Gold+
Product Sid Gold+
Growth Emil_ETH Silver
Growth Kohei Silver
Growth Tudou Silver
Growth Luke Silver
Growth Gavin Silver
Growth Irsyad Bronze
Growth Marc Bronze
Growth Jack Bronze
Growth Zak Bronze
Growth Ajay Bronze
Growth Eric Bronze
Growth Issac Bronze
Growth Alonso Bronze
Growth Seb Bronze
Growth Henry Bronze
Growth Diller Bronze
Growth Mabel Bronze
Growth Mestigoit Bronze
Growth Weeze Bronze
Growth Ellis Bronze
Growth Danilo Bronze
Growth Aakansha Bronze
Growth Kene D Metaverse Bronze
Growth Leeron Bronze
Growth BigSky Gold
Community Zareef Bronze

ICC: @afromac @Metfanmike @catjam @DevOnDeFi @anthonyb.eth @edwardk
Nest Leads (ICC please flag if not accurate/complete): Community: @Pepperoni_Joe @bradwmorris Finance: @Matthew_Graham Governance: @mel.eth Product: @edwardk Growth: @Metfanmike @LemonadeAlpha


Hi Mel,

Please may I be changed to Finance Nest from Community Nest. Thank you!

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Gm Hammad -
Please confer with the appropriate nest leaders to ensure everyone is of one mind, then have the receiving Nest Lead confirm here via forum comment that you’ve switched nests (in this case @Matthew_Graham with Finance Nest). We’ll confirm and update the above list. In this way, this post can track all Owl Level changes through S1. Thanks!

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Hi Mel,

Can confirm this has been discussed with @Matthew_Graham and he suggested I post to confirm the switch. I will let Matt confirm on here as well. Thanks!