The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.05.03 Tuesday

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The Owls kicked off the week with Monday’s Biweekly Standup featuring a spotlight on Finance Nest. Finance Nest brought it home Tuesday in Money Talks.

Tomorrow, we’re looking at the Leadership Forum with a review of the Owl Pulse Survey followed up with Episode 2 of How We DAO on Twitter Spaces, this time talking governance and subDAOs. Thursday, Gov Nest and Growth Nest host their standups. I’m on a flight—look forward to a rare daily sCoop from @kindeagle, followed by the legendary sCoop weekly on Friday.




Thank you, icETH. We salute you.

Biweekly Standup | slides

Let’s start with a Core KPI review by @anthonyb.eth: We’re looking at N$F across all products; we’ve been relatively flat since the end of October, but beginning in April, we’ve seen some upward movement. Thank you, icETH. DPI also had a big tick recently (up by 2.6m) primarily through Gemini (1.6m). Also look at Top Line Revenue—most of our revenue is coming from ETH2x-FLI and DPI. Our revenue has bottomed out and we’re looking good in recent weeks.

From Product Nest, icETH has been boosted on zkSync to meet extreme demand from Argent users; and success: it’s sold almost $500k in just 72 hours! Sweet. We’re also mid a major engineering lift, working with Set to transition rebalancing of FLI products to Index. Finally, composite methodologists have agreed to revisit rebalancing frequencies. What’s coming up? $MNYe will be launching on Optimism next week. We’re talking to Balancer about getting pools to launch in the coming weeks. And this week’s Leadership Forum (tomorrow!) will feature Index Council’s updated product strategy.

Next up: Growth Nest. Big things happening in Partnerships and Content. First, Partnerships. Solid. 170 icETH sold since Friday on Argent. Also got some proposals in the works with Nouns DAO and Deversifi. DPI is now supported by BitIRA and DirectIRA; OnRamp coming soon. Check out April’s Content Pod Performance Review. They’ve stood up the new newsletter signup page. And two whitepapers are in progress, one more general on DeFi, and one on yield farming. Finally, full steam ahead on incorporation of the Coop.

Out of Community, Talent Pod has released the Owl Level Framework and the new recruitment form and process. The Notion CRM/Partner management template is done and should be finalized by end of week. Also last week, @chasechapman and @coolhorsegirl launched How We DAO, a Twitter Spaces series on how Index demonstrates Gold Standard practices across our DAO. Last week we had @funkmasterflex talk DAOlationships. Tomorrow, @shawn16400 with governance.

Up next is Finance Nest. @Hammad1412 and @ElliottWatts published the Q1 financial presentation, the Investment and Operations Account Report. [Contributor Rewards](https://April 2022 Rewards Distribution) went out last Friday, with some Contributors getting paid in $JPG. Information is needed from other Nests to feed into financial forecast analysis; they’ll reach out—just be aware.

Governance Nest: The Council vote resulted in a shift from 7 to 5 members; there will be no replacements for the two vacated Council seats and we’ll stay at 5 until next election. A few interesting updates from GovComs: Last week’s Let’s Talk SubDAO meeting was recorded, with some revelations that may apply across the Coop, specifically to the proposed Governance House partnership. They’re taking action on the Owl Pulse Survey, which will be presented in Wednesday’s Leadership Forum. MetaGov Pod is preparing for MGC elections at the end of May and looking at a potential MKR proposal.

Money does, in fact, talk

Finance’s Nest’s Money Talks

We could potentially launch products on Balancer. While we’ve deployed our stablecoins into a Balance boosted pool for a while now, and we’ve been earning $BAL rewards. We can lock them and then direct $BAL incentives to our product when we launch it. So, we can essentially use Balancer’s liquidity mining for our products.

We’re hoping to make a strategic partnership with Arrakis once they launch the $SPICE token that will lead to liquidity mining earning $SPICE incentives on the $INDEX pool. We’re hoping that will drive increased liqudiity, and from there we’ll have the option to provide liquidity ourselves like “earn APY on our $INDEX.” But there’s still work to be done on liquidity. We still need deeper liquidity on $INDEX. We can’t get the Oracle feed, and we can’t do lending market integrations. There are many options; one is drip-selling a bit of $INDEX, and another is products we could integrate with $INDEX accumulation feedback loops.

We’re still in talks, very slow talks, with Debt DAO. There’s a possibility that we don’t need to do a raise and we can manage our finances. One way to do this is by raising debt. More to follow—Money Talks happens same time every week in the Community Discord server.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC)
1800 - Leadership Forum
1900 - How We DAO on Twitter Spaces with @chasechapman and @coolhorsegirl, featuring @shawn16400

Thursday Meetings: (UTC)
1800 - Money Legos on the Community Server in Discord
1900 - Community Welcome Orientation Call
2000 - Growth Nest
2100 - Conversations with the Coop: Joseph Delong of Astaria (on Discord)

Daily OWLpha: “Top skills DAO contributors need: Humility / Self-awareness / Willingness to sit with discomfort. The most important skills aren’t technical ‒ they’re human.” - @chaserchapman



Hey @coolhorsegirl , i think this was meant to be $BAL rewards :slightly_smiling_face: