FOR DISCUSSION: Introducing the IC Apprenticeship Program (ICAP)

I would like to submit for consideration the following initiative within the Index Coop DAO with crowdsourced feedback in this channel. The format will be as follows:

1. Community reviews and submits feedback below (if overwhelmingly negative this will be abandoned)
2. I will rework this with input from whoever cares to give it
3. Community-baked proposal up here with a forum poll, 80% support and we adopt it as a DAO.


As IC DAO becomes more functionally structured there’s a risk that the organically collaborative nature of our organization will be reduced. Networks are only as strong as the connections within and bringing intentionality to the formation of connections that bridge functional areas will foster a stronger overall network, bringing us toward a more sustainable future.

Proposed here is a series of one-month sponsorships curated by ascending Owls outside of their functional-areas. While there is nothing stopping Owls from asking for help or guidance, signaling that a request for support and insight will likely be accepted may help bring Owls around the organization and up the contextual curve without a centralized coordination function.

Desired Outcomes

While unfussed about the implementaiton, I believe a good program will have the following features.

  • Portability of information through time /sustainability
  • Formation of ‘strong connections’/long-term thinking
  • Breadth of knowledge throughout The Coop
  • Resiliency /strength of connections
  • Self-organization /initiative-driven
  • Growth and Improvement
  • Communication
  • Autonomy

Sample Specification

The general idea is that Owls interested in a series of 1-month sponsorships can shop-around The Cooperative and curate a path that will allow one to build meaningful context and interest in areas that may not otherwise appear accessible. The structure is designed to push Owls outside of their own functional areas for the purpose of fostering new connections:

  • Sponsorship lasts 1-calendar month
  • Sponsorship should be relatively informal (whimsical even); setting aside something like 15-minutes twice-weekly would be a good baseline.
  • No repeats (you’re already friends now, duh)
  • No more than two out of the last three months may be within the same functional Nest, no more than once/quarter may be within one’s main functional Nest.
  • Requests for the coming months should be made from the 20th-25th of the month
    • Any junior Owl can request of any other more senior Owl (shows initiative, prevents favoritism)
    • The expectation is that the more senior Owl will accept (unless a planned vacation or other circumstance makes the particular month difficult)
  • Only one sponsorship/Owl/mo

Take what you want, leave the rest. If there’s interest please provide feedback and let’s knock it into something formalized and buddy-up :owl::owl:. This post was inspired by the time I spent co-creating with @anthonyb.eth on a new proposal recently; the value of connecting outside of our comfort-zone cannot be overstated. Thanks to every Owl that’s sharpened me up through the branches. :heart:
cc: @Pepperoni_Joe @Metfanmike @jdcook @Matthew_Graham @Cavalier_Eth @LemonadeAlpha (for feedback)


Full support for a culture of learning and open knowledge sharing. This already happens to a significant degree and formalizing the opportunity might increase accessibility.


Thanks @lee0007 totally agree. My programmatic self keeps thinking, ‘mixing function’. As I think through this more I drift toward ‘empathy’ as an outcome as well (tech and non-tech here fire in sync fairly well, and app-specific and broad-org roles have a lot of overlap now but maybe not on the horizon).