Housing Network for Index Coop Contributors

DAOs are powerful because of their communities.

We experience our communities mostly virtually and, while it’s a lot of fun, sometimes we find ourselves missing the in-person connection. Currently, relationships are built through Discord chats, video calls, and occasionally punctuated by conferences that bring together contributors. When we’re there, we notice that these conferences create a palpably different vibe and remind us of the human connection that underlies the digital one.

At Holon, we want to make it possible for people in DAOs to not only work together, but also live together. Already, among the contributors at the Index Coop, we have hundreds of homes in cities around the world with empty rooms that we can leverage to travel, bond in person, and build the future.

Our first product is a short-term lease agreement that is entirely powered by economic incentives. We use smart contracts for escrow and NFTs to denote access and ownership. This makes short-term “leases” much more secure, flexible, and composable.

Community members can use this Web3 lease primitive to:

  1. Rent out rooms and homes that you own to other community members.
  2. Swap homes with other community members.
  3. Coordinate renting a short-term stay for conferences and retreats.

Homes will be tagged with the DAO the host is a participant in so that guests can filter based on the communities they belong to. Collectively, these will begin to form the physical housing network for contributors that complements our digital metaverse. DAOs take a real step to becoming distributed cities!

If this is something you are interested in, please use this link to sign up and stay in the loop for our initial launch! We’re currently working on onboarding and getting feedback from community members.

Here is the signup link: https://forms.gle/m6N8n5Go3LBbPWqe9.

We’re super pumped to experiment with how Web3 changes housing and believe deeply that DAOs are going to be a key catalyst in sparking that transformation!

Shoutout @0xMitz and @TheYoungCrews for giving great feedback on this idea and helping draft this proposal.

Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments!


Strikes me as being in many ways both brilliant and bonkers. Exactly the kind of thing to test out.