IIP-133: Change MetaGovernance Committee's Aave Address

IIP: 133
Title: Change MetaGovernance Committee’s Aave Address
Status: Proposed
Author: David (@oneski22)
Reviewed by: @GovNest
Created: 16th February 2022

Simple Summary

IIP-81 established the Metagov Committee’s 2 addresses:

0xf63Ec662753B88c3634AE276ba4eA28D681478C8 (Gnosis Safe)

0x121111a0b0C09Ceca66C7a8bB5b4B3098572a0eA (EOA)

Aave has moved many of their important governance votes to their snapshot space, which in our present setup, Index Coop is unable to vote on.

The MetaGovernance Committee would like to set our EOA (0x121111a0b0C09Ceca66C7a8bB5b4B3098572a0eA) as the new default position of our Aave Holdings, from its current address (0xf63Ec662753B88c3634AE276ba4eA28D681478C8).


This will give 2 primary benefits:

  1. We will be able to vote on Aave’s Snapshot and support IC proposals such as listing DPI and other products on the various markets and adjustment of parameters to promote the development of more FLI products.

  2. We will be able to directly propose from this address instead of constantly needing to delegate out to various EOAs for proposing Aave changes.



  • Change the default Aave Delegation from our current Gnosis Safe address to the EOA address.


  • Do not change the default Aave Delegation and leave it at 0xf63Ec662753B88c3634AE276ba4eA28D681478C8.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


@sixtykeys @mel.eth @Mringz calling for a snapshot on Monday

Hey @oneski22 - is there an opportunity here to delegate the EOA changes out of the IIP process? I believe it’s the right implementation absent a better one, but I do think a better one exists given that the broader INDEX-holding community isn’t likely the best pool of deciders on technical measures such as this. Let’s please discuss following this vote.

absolutely something we want to do. We already have an IIP in draft. This IIP is more of a stopgap measure to allow us to vote as Aave does more and more important off-chain votes, until we get proper delegation of authority in place.


I am a big fan of this. Showing support on Snapshot votes is important to the Aave community.
Great initiative @oneski22.


Hey @oneski22 , an IIP Number (133) has been assigned, and a snapshot vote has been queued for 21st Feb 2022, 1800 UTC.
Snapshot here

A POAP can be minted if you voted. Go back to snapshot and mint it within the next 2 weeks.

Confirming that this IIP has passed with 112k INDEX voting FOR. :white_check_mark: