Index Coop - July Financial Report

Index Coop - July 2021 Financial Report

I am pleased to present Index Coop’s July 2021 Financial Report. At the end of July the Index Coop treasury has a market value of $57.67M, of which 85.1% is INDEX tokens. :owl:

Key Takeaways:

  • Index Coop experienced a meaningful 7.6% MoM improvement in profitability despite volatile market conditions.
  • Revenue increased 6.5%, Liquidity Mining costs decreased by 14.5% and Contributor Rewards increased by 20%.
  • The revenue growth was driven by a meaningful 18.8% increase in DPI and a tidy 5.6% increase on BTC2x-FLI.
  • Unit Supply across all product offering was up 18.8% which is an increase of nearly 245,000 units. BED was 13,357 unit on 1st August. ETH2x-FLI and MVI both experienced 38.3% increases in circulating unit supply.
  • Overall profitability improved from a $0.55M loss in June to a $0.50M loss in July. The improvement was driven by an improvement in capital efficiency.
  • AUM increased by 45% MoM from $165.3M to $241.7M.
  • Looking the continual drop in Liquidity Mining incentives is expected to drive further improvements in capital efficiency.

For those that want to go deep into the July numbers, please read the medium article here.

Many thanks goes out to all those within the community who helped pull this together.

Please do drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Index Coop - Treasury Report - July 2021.pdf (275.7 KB)


Huge fan of this work - great work @Matthew_Graham and Treasury team!

Hi All,

The TWG has released a deep dive into the July numbers and published the article on Medium for everyone to read.

This is TWG’s very first Medium article. It was written by @ElliottWatts and is an absolute must read for those looking to understand Index Coop from a financial perspective. I am super excited for the future of the TWG and fantastic work like this is to be applauded. Thank you @ElliottWatts and @prairiefi for levelling up the communities financial reporting.

A huge thank you to @prairiefi who in stealth mode, built a mostly automated financial reporting tool which has been a huge time saver for the team and has enable us to dissect our financial data with ease and in ways not previously possible.

The next frontier, is working closely with @Pepperoni_Joe and the POC team to integrate cost per product analysis. This will mean the contributor rewards forms we all fill in will soon feature functionality enabling individuals to assign time/tasks/deliverable to products and various other over head cost centres, like R&D.

This will enable us to see what overheads we are carrying and determine how much each product costs in way of contributor overheads. Currently, such analysis is not possible at the moment, as the data is aggregated and indistinguishable.